Fired for being pro-life?

by Gregory Tomlin, |
Harmony Daws claims she was fired from her position as an operations manager when she made her boss aware she was being considered for the presidency of a pro-life group. | Oregon Right to Life

PORTLAND, Ore. (Christian Examiner) – A woman who was named president of Oregon Right to Life was summarily fired by her employer for her conservative views on abortion, the organization has claimed in a press release.

Harmony Daws, who has been involved in the pro-life movement in Oregon for more than a decade, was nominated to serve as the part-time head of the anti-abortion lobby, and within days the nomination caused tension between Daws and her boss at Sparkling Palaces, the cleaning business where she worked as the operations manager.

Daws said her boss, who leans left politically, became "cold and distant" when she was nominated. She then fired Daws, whom she said had made anti-abortion views a litmus test for how she treated employees.

Daws, however, says she never imposed her views on abortion on anyone at work. She did, however, apparently tell fellow employees she would pray for them from time to time.

"Cleaning is the most neutral thing there is," Daws told The Blaze. "You can do it with anybody for anybody."

"She told me that she didn't want me sharing my faith, that I couldn't tell other employees that I'm praying for them," Daws told the news outlet. "She said I couldn't discuss my political beliefs."

In a statement on the Oregon Right to Life website, Daws said "firing someone for their religious or political beliefs is a civil rights violation."

"I'm a libertarian and I support my former employer's right to hire and fire as she chooses. However, she could have asked for a resignation over our difference of beliefs. To have been mistreated as I was by being fired, after my exemplary record as an employee, was unconscionable. Regardless, had I known then what the price to accept the presidency would be, I would still have accepted the position. Fifty-eight million children have lost their lives since 1973. Losing a job in my stand for their right to life was a small price to pay," Daws said in the statement.

Daws has claimed she plans to start her own business so she won't have to hide her religious beliefs.