Female ISIS recruiters defect, send message to young targets

by Vanessa Garcia Rodriguez, |
An Iraqi soldier carries a displaced woman to help her cross the bridge at the outskirts of Baghdad May 19, 2015. Iraqi security forces on Tuesday deployed tanks and artillery around Ramadi to confront Islamic State fighters who have captured the city in a major defeat for the Baghdad government and its Western backers. | REUTERS/Stringer

RAQQA, Syria (Christian Examiner) -- An Islamic State defector who once recruited brides for jihadists issued a warning this week to girls seeking to join the militants' army.

"The caliphate is not what you think it is," the 23-year-old Syrian woman, identified by the alias Um Asama, told a German newspaper. Asama joined ISIS in 2013 in hopes of survival after jihadists overtook Raqqa. She eventually held a senior role within ISIS' female army al-Khansa and described the horrific realities of life within the militant group.

"Women are whipped, sold and stoned. Corpses are on display publicly for weeks," Asama revealed.

Asama helped deliver hundreds of German, French and British girls to ISIS from the Turkish border into Syria, specifically the city of Raqqa which is the militant group's self-proclaimed capital, according to Fox News. Once there, girls participated in training courses that equipped them to use firearms and gave guidance on how to study the Koran.

While successful propaganda and social media is known to draw vulnerable young girls to ISIS, recruitment of women is surprisingly the work of other women according to a report from The Guardian.

Like Asama, some join and recruit for survival. Others simply identify with radicalized philosophies according to film maker Deeyah Khan who interviewed women that participate in radical movements for a documentary called Jihad.

Another woman defector who spoke against ISIS in May explained that ultimately young women who take measures to join the militants are hyper-targeted and groomed.

"IS have educated people who know how to deal with the phsycology of others, how to deal with the human being," the woman explained. Credited with mentoring three British teens from East London's Bethnal Green school who drew national attention for joining ISIS in February, the woman also called ISIS' recruitment operations well-structured and coordinated to target similar youth.

Days after Asama urged naive young girls to take heed of her warning, new reports surfaced adding even more harrowing details about ISIS' atrocious acts against women.

Shockingly, the extremists have publicly declared they would give female slaves as a prize to ISIS fighters who demonstrate mastery of the Koran. The practice of gifting humans as prizes was reportedly launched in honor of the start of Ramadan.