Good Samaritan takes his faith beyond the church walls

by Vanessa Rodriguez, |
Something in Connie Cole's voice stirred a Christian from a church in Montreal, North Carolina to generously provide her a car. | ABC WLOS/SCREEN SHOT

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (Christian Examiner) -- Stirred by the despair of a struggling single mother, an anonymous donor was led by his Christian faith to meet a North Carolina family's need.

"The Lord was telling him to help me," Connie Cole, 32, said of the Good Samaritan who overheard her distraught call in search of reliable transportation last week, ABC affiliate WLOS reported.

Cole had phoned Carolina Auto Sales June 2 in search of an affordable vehicle for her and her three children.

"Because I have kids I've been praying for a miracle," she told the news station. After her car broke down, it was simply too costly to fix, she explained.

The owner of Carolina Auto Sales, Wesley Gurley, was stunned when a customer offered to meet the desperate need of a single mother. | ABC WLOS/SCREEN SHOT

The dealership owner Wesley Gurley, told WLOS Cole's call came in on a speaker phone located near a stranger, who wished only to be known as "David."

Gurley claimed that after hearing her distress "David" said "if she comes in, call me. I'm gonna pray on this. If the Lord wants me to do something, I may buy her that car."

The surprising offer stunned Gurley.

"We were pretty shell shocked over it," he said. "I've never seen anything even close to this happen."

Later the same day when Cole did come in, the customer was ready to follow through with the generous act which he claimed was a merely a display of his Christian faith. An attendee of Christ Community Church in Montreat, the man explained he just wanted to take his faith beyond the church's walls.

"He said there was something in my voice," Connie explained as she retold the emotional story of her miracle provision.

"It's been really hard," she added noting that her father, who is recovering from knee surgery, had been driving her around. "It's just been really hard."

Still, in addition to meeting Cole's physical need, the random act of kindness also inspired others. As a result of the stranger's willingness to pay, Gurley offered to sell Cole the 2004 Chevy Impala at cost. Reportedly, Cole's dad also gave generously, putting down $800.

Perhaps most importantly, the day's events served to stir a renewed faith in Cole.

"To me that just means the Lord is out there," she said.