Denver Home Depot employee pens letter in response to LGBT month

by Joni B. Hannigan, Editorial Staff |

DENVER (Christian Examiner) – A Home Depot employee who is a member of a Denver church released an open letter to a local news station, decrying his store's promotion of LGBT month in June and declaring "Christians are ostracized by LGBT promotion."

"What would happen if Craig Menear, chairman and CEO, were to appear at the next board meeting in lipstick and a wig wearing a skirt and pantyhose?" Denver Bible Church member Timothy Noffsinger asked in the letter.

"In the midst of such absurdity, could the board of directors function as though there were nothing wrong and work effectively? I doubt it. The same discord would take hostage any workplace. Certainly, it harms the professional image of the store where I work," Noffsinger continues.

Throughout his 3-part letter, Noffsinger, who is employed at Denver's North Lakewood store, addressed "religion," "politics," and "wisdom and conclusions."

He noted what he describes as a "blatant hypocrisy" in Home Depot's dress code which says the orange apron is the company brand, but apparently allows for deviation during June's promotion of LGBT month.

Calling LGBT practice and promotion "profane," Noffsinger said Home Depot "aggressively seeks to redefine morality, and therefore effectively defines a religion" for all its employees.

"What good does it do for THD to help people build houses and commercial buildings, and at the same time help bring the people who use and inhabit them to destruction? How much good is done by building fine structures within a failing nation?" he asked in the letter.

Noffsinger said it is his duty to speak out.

"As a Christian, it is my God-given duty and pleasure to fight against evil by speaking the truth. And as far as Federal Law protects me as a citizen to be a Christian and live accordingly, I expect THD to honor that," he wrote.

Taking exception to posters that promoted LGBT history and the homosexual community as a market niche, Noffsinger noted this "demonstrates sexual confusion and amounts to preaching a message against God that requires employees to accept deviant behavior as normal and good."

In 2010 the American Family Association announced a boycott of Home Depot for their heavy support of the LGBT community. A boycott petition eventually drew 740,000 signatures, and in 2014 AFA president Tim Wildmon called off the boycott

"We have been monitoring Home Depot quite closely and there is no doubt that at the corporate level the company has withdrawn major financial contributions to gay activist organizations," Wildmon has said to the media.

In bullet points at the end of his letter, Noffsinger advised Home Depot managers and directors to "stand against bullying for social change" and "please, stop preaching evil to me."

The alternative, Noffsinger says, is for Home Depot to "bully him."

"Will THD now press me for thought control? I live the Christian life, not 'The Orange Life," he writes.

Denver Bible Church pastor Bob Enyart said Noffsinger is correct in thinking Home Depot is "preaching religion to its employees" and that Christians are "ostracized by LGBT promotion."

"In the godless worldview of Home Depot, they withhold treating some employees with their claimed corporate values," Enyart said. "To this home improvement retailer, diversity, respect, and tolerance do not apply to Bible-believing Christian employees."