Comedian, LGBT activist says Jesus was 'gender fluid'

by Gregory Tomlin, |
Comedian Sarah Silverman poses at The Hollywood Reporter's Annual Women in Entertainment Breakfast in Los Angeles, California, December 9, 2015. Silverman, known for her foul-mouthed rants about Republicans, Christians, abortion rights and LGBT equality, tweeted on Christmas Day that Jesus was "gender fluid." | REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

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LOS ANGELES (Christian Examiner) – Actress and comedian Sarah Silverman, known for her bombastic and vulgar humor, used her Twitter account on Christmas Day to declare that Jesus was confused about his gender.

"MERRY CHRISTMAS! Jesus was gender fluid!" Silverman wrote on Twitter.

The term "gender fluid," coined by the gay and lesbian activists in the 1990s, refers to a person who at times identifies as male and at others as female.

The comment quickly garnered numerous responses, most of which Christian Examiner cannot reprint. However, others were relatively tame:

- "Jesus was about as gender fluid as you are funny."

- "This is the type of joke I'd expect from a 14-year-old trying to be edgy."

- "You'll learn the truth about Christ on one side of life or the other. I pray it's on this side. Merry Christmas. Praying 4U."

- "Jesus love you. Me? I think you are a twit."

- "Is that your informed, fact based, expert opinion or is it just a stupid statement for attention? Never mind we know."

- "Why don't you just say I hate all Christians? That's got to be the edgiest of all, and that's your whole reason for being."

- "Say something about Muhummad, you're Islamophobic. Say anything about Christ, and you're funny."

This isn't the first time Silverman, who was raised Jewish, has lampooned Christians and Jesus Christ. In 2005, she was the star of the stand-up comedy movie Jesus is Magic.

Silverman, an abortion and LGBT rights activist,  also enraged Christians when she appeared in a video sketch last year in which Jesus (NCIS star Michael Weatherly) appeared to her late at night and said he was "bummed" by "people who use my name for intolerance and oppression."

In the video, the Jesus character uses profanity, sexual innuendo and says, when asked when life begins, that life begins at 40. Then he says he is kidding, but adds that embryos are not people.

"The fertilized eggs aren't people. People are people. But, people who believe fertilized eggs are people are people, too. You have to love them," Weatherly says while portraying Jesus.

Days before Silverman treated about Jesus and his gender fluidity, she posted a tweet that said, "There's no beforelife & there's no afterlife. So be brave & love each other & make it count, Babies, 'cause this is it."