College student promotes 'Real Sex' week

by Gregory Tomlin, |

ALBUQUERQUE (Christian Examiner) – Sade Patterson, an adult college student at the University of New Mexico, had enough of the raucous "Sex Week" activities on her campus – guidance on orgies, how-to programs on various kinds of sex and radical feminist seminars on rape and male chauvinism.

So Patterson, who is also a married mother to a one-year-old and president of Students for Life on her campus, put together a competing event called "Real Sex Week" in March, The College Fix reported April 5. Her program shifted the focus away from illicit sex to legitimate intimacy and other issues.

"We began with a workshop discussing the male and female body, the biology behind intercourse, and how the act of sex affects our minds and relationships, linking humans chemically and contrasting the notion that one-night stands have on impact on women's psyches," Patterson wrote after the event.

Her event also informed female students about things like the cancer risks related to hormonal contraception, attending school while pregnant, natural family planning, self-defense and abstinence.

"Students learned that avoiding sex before marriage actually has positive effects, such as lower exposures to an STD and more positive thoughts about life in general," she wrote.

Patterson's "Real Sex Week" was consistently interrupted by other student organizations on the campus with more liberal views on sex. She said they asked the administration to close her event down because it was competing with "Sex Week." They also tore down the flyers posted by Students for Life in an attempt to lower attendance for the conservative classes, she said.