40 Influential Christian Books Chosen by Our Readers

by Charles Williams, |
"Luther at Erfurt," which depicts Martin Luther discovering the doctrine of sola fide. Painting by Joseph Noel Paton, 1861. | WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

From Rembrandt to Joseph Noel Paton, the Bible has been the subject of painting and the arts for hundreds of years, visually beautifully depicting deeper interpretive readings of the scriptures and the thoughtfulness and philosophies of life which have sprung from its application. So too, in literature, intelligent scholars through the ages have published inumerable insights about the Bible, its interpretation and influence.

Every thoughtful Christian can probably appreciate these 40 volumes compiled by our readers, in the journey to grow into a deeper understanding of life and existence through the Bible.

Including such great authors and thinkers as C. S. Lewis, Thomas Kempis and Martin Luther, our readers recommend the reading of these books for profound Scriptural knowledge. These books have influenced countless Christians across vast periods of time.

These 40 books are organized into a free slideshow which will both provoke and validate you in your reading and scholarship. Even if you are short on time, you will probably grow deeper by choosing to read at least one of these influential books. Though potentially challenging, we believe it will be well worth your while.