Brian 'Head' Welch reveals what Jesus told him about his rock star appearance

by Jeannie Law, |
Brian Head Welch at the premiere of "Run The Race," Hollywood, California, Feb 11, 2019. | Christian Post

Guitarist and co-founder of the metal band Korn, Brian "Head" Welch attended the premiere of "Run The Race" and revealed a specific word God shared with him about his appearance.

"We just got to step back out of the religious things and just think about who Jesus hung out with — the fisherman, the prostitute, all kinds of people and I fit right in that little group. That's who He goes after and saves, He loves everybody. We're a story but the thing is, He cleans us on the inside," Welch testified while on the red carpet of the Christian movie premiere in Los Angeles, California on Feb 11.

The tattooed, dreadlock-sporting rocker believes being authentic is also a part of being a witness for Christ.

"Nowhere in the Bible does it say you gotta start looking like everybody else," he shared.

"Suits are awesome. I'm not getting down [on that] but I want to be me now," Welch added. "Jesus always led me and said, 'You be yourself' and you don't have to change into anything except for how He leads me to change, not how man does."

The musician said he was excited to screen "Run the Race," a new Tim Tebow film production, because "everyone love's Tebow."

"Run the Race" shows the bond between two brothers who feel abandoned by their father after their mother's death, and whose dream of a new life seems lost.

When addressing the importance of knowing one's identity, Welch shared, "the beautiful mystery of Christ in you, that's our identity."

"So I can look like this and all these nice guys in suits, it's Christ in you, the hope of glory, and that's what we all have in common."

The California native emphasized the importance of authenticity for this generation.

"You gotta be real in this generation. This generation can smell a phony a mile away and so we got to be real and raw. And I'm looking forward to this movie because I heard it was real," Welch said.

He is gearing up to release his own film with his daughter on June 2 titled, "Loud crazy Love." The movie is an honest documentary about how the life of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll impacted his relationship with his daughter.

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