Ray Comfort to tackle 'toughest questions about God' with new season on TV

by Victor Wilson, |
Ray Comfort | Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Brambmanu

Popular evangelist Ray Comfort hopes his new TV season of show "Way of the Master" will equip Christians for outreach – and become a platform helping both believers and skeptics wrestle with some of the hardest questions about God.

The series launches this week across various networks and features "man-on-the-street witnessing encounters" and interviews with well-known guests. The show brings endorsements from prominent apologists and Christian leaders like Ravi Zacharias and David Jeremiah.

"This insane Christian show is unlike anything you've seen!" Comfort shared on his Facebook page in excitement about the new season.

The "Way of the Master" previously ran for four seasons prior to a multi-year hiatus.

Comfort is known for his bold approach to evangelism and his encouragement for Christians to share the gospel with a love for souls that overcomes any fear.

"Better the sinner be offended in order to repent, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season and be cast into everlasting fire," Comfort shared recently on Facebook.