Veritas to travel on the road in Sandi Patty farewell tour

by Kelly Ledbetter |

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (Christian Examiner) – Presidential hopeful Ben Carson recently affirmed the five-member group Veritas as it announced it will travel with Sandi Patty's "Forever Grateful: the Farewell Tour."

The vocal group, made up predominantly of graduates of the University of Mobile, performed its first concert at Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Ga. in 2012 before an audience of over 2,000 people, and hasn't looked back.

Jeff Anderson (first tenor), James Berrian (baritone), Andrew Goodwin (second tenor), Jordan Johnson (first tenor) and Lucas Scott Lawrence (bass), are focused on telling the truth of the Gospel -- and for the first part of 2016 will usher in the year with Christian music favorite Sandi Patty.

"One of the reasons we chose the name Veritas, the Latin word for 'truth' was as a nod to the group Truth that gave us our start," said Lawrence.

"It's also, of course, tied to the message we share about God's simple truth," he continued. "That is the essence of our message, that He loves us."

Veritas - The Lord's Prayer (Official Music Video)

The two-year Forever Grateful tour will commence February 11, 2016 and will reach 90+ cities across the globe, including 20 signature holiday tour dates, special events, surprise guests and major symphony shows, according to the press release.


Veritas was created when Roger Breland, a UM faculty member and founder of the group Truth, chose Goodwin, Johnson, and Lawrence, three UM alumni, to join Anderson in a new group to celebrate Truth's 40th anniversary. When UM alumnus Berrian was added before Veritas's concert tour began, the group was set.

Veritas has been maintaining a busy performance schedule since its formation and, with the addition of the Sandi Patty tour, looks to be maintaining its position of offering a noteworthy stage experience.

The touring experience is exhilarating to the five men, who seek to share the message of truth in every concert.

"We get to travel the country every week and meet people from all different walks of life," said Berrian to University of Mobile Magazine. "In all of that traveling, we've never met a single person who wasn't searching for truth."

The members of Veritas appreciate the opportunity to share the Gospel with individuals who hear their music. "In our concerts, not only do we get to share the music God has put in our hearts to sing," Berrian said, "but we also get to share the message of Jesus who has changed each one of our lives."


CCM Magazine reviewed the album Veritas released last year. "Possibly one of the most diverse and intriguing projects this year, the self-titled album from vocal group Veritas stands out with its fusion of classical roots and contemporary favorites...showcasing the phenomenal vocals backed by the magnificent 45-piece orchestra," the reviewer wrote, recommending the album for fans of The Tenors and Il Divo.

The Nashville orchestra included 35 strings and provided an important component to the groups newest album.

"One of the big moments for all of us was entering the studio and hearing our voices surrounded by the power of a 35 piece string section," Lawrence said. "All of the dynamics fit perfectly. It was an exciting culmination of everything we have been working towards."

What makes Veritas so accessible is its blend of contemporary and classical sounds on a platform of familiar music.

Presidential candidate Ben Carson, among many, many others, is a fan of Veritas's sound, according to the university magazine. The group performed at the Detroit Music Hall Center for the Performing arts when Carson announced his candidacy.

Veritas sang music from their album before a live audience and numerous media outlets, some of whom streamed the performance.

"The very first time we met him [Carson], he smiled and said, 'If we make it to the White House, you guys will definitely be singing at the inauguration,'" Lawrence said. "It was a pretty incredible opportunity."