Pastor Warryn and Wife Erica Campbell Explain Importance of Talking About Sex in Church (Video)

by Jeannie Law |

((SCREENSHOT: YOUTUBE))Warryn and Erica Campbell release new reality show on TV One, "We're the Campbells," June 2018.

One half of the gospel group Mary Mary, Erica Campbell, her husband, world-renowned music producer/pastor Warryn Campbell recently linked up with their children and family for a new reality show on TV One and the couple talk about the importance of discussing sex in church.

"I think the line between Christianity and sexuality shouldn't be as a wide gap," Warryn explained in a "We're the Campbells" promo clip. "People are scared to talk about sex in church [but] you sitting here talking to a bunch of people who all got here cause somebody had sex."

The series showcases the realities of how Warryn and Erica work to keep their love strong and keeping their sex-life strong is a part of that. The award-winning music producer is also a pastor of the California Worship Center and believes this topic should be talked about openly.

"I think it's really stupid to omit that conversation from the church and Christianity, it's kinda dumb if you ask me," Warryn continued.

Erica added, "God created it (sex) and we handed it over to the enemy like he does it better, and he don't. I don't care what you see on TV and movies, don't you be fooled, there are some wonderfully saved people who have amazing times and amazing sex lives. We just don't broadcast it, we just don't share it with the world."

Erica maintained that intimacy between spouses is their "own little secret."

"When I'm in a room and I know what [turns him on] and the same goes for him. It's a different kind of pride when you know it's just us, it's just me and you," she concluded.

"We're the Campbells," began airing June 19. The nine-episode docu-series is giving viewers an inside glimpse into the lives of the Gospel entertainment power couple and their three children Warryn, Zaya and teenager Krista.

In a recent interview with The Christian Post, Erica opened up about a clip that aired on the Own Network's "Black Love" in September 2017, where they revealed a time in their marriage where infidelity crept in. Warryn cheated on his wife and discussed the "selfish behavior" that led to it. The couple managed to get past that hard season of their marriage and the singer hopes people will see true forgiveness displayed on their new show will show.

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