After 14-Y-O Daughter Kills Herself, Devastated Parents Want Netflix to Pull '13 Reasons Why'

by Stoyan Zaimov , Christian Post Contributor |

(SCREENSHOT: AMERICAN FAMILY ASSOCIATION)Joseph and Patrice Bright in an emotional video released in April 2018 by the American Family Association, talking about the suicide of their daughter, 14-year-old Anna.

The devastated parents of a 14-year-old girl from Alabama who killed herself last year after binge-watching the Netflix series "13 Reasons Why" are asking for the series to be pulled, saying they are convinced it played a part in their daughter's death.

"I really feel in my heart with all my soul that that show contributed to her passing," says Joseph Bright, the father of Anna Bright, the 14-year-old who killed herself on April 18, 2017.

The mother, Patrice, adds in the video released on Wednesday by the American Family Association, "To portray suicide first of all as an option is not a good thing. To portray it graphically where you can actually see and get that image in your head, it leaves you vulnerable to the enemy's attack, which I think it definitely did for our daughter.

She continued: "It causes suicide to look like an act of revenge, which it is not. It destroys your loves ones, not the people who mistreated you, or were unkind. We've even heard from friends that a text went around after Anna passed away that they were glad that she died. Those are not the people who care about you in the first place."

The parents of the girl insist that suicide destroys a person "completely," and that it devastates their loved ones.

While the circumstances that led to Bright taking her own life are unknown, investigators discovered last year that she had binge-watched the first seasons of the controversial show in one weekend, shortly before her suicide.

In the May issue of the AFA Journal, Joseph Bright admits that the situation is "hard for us to accept," given that as a former pastor he raised his children in a "loving, God-fearing home."

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