South Dakota invokes ISIS beheading in hearing

by Karen L. Willoughby, |

PIERRE, S.D. (Christian Examiner) – "Dismemberment abortion kills a baby by tearing her apart limb from limb," testified Daniel Woodard, a student at the Columbus School of Law in Washington D.C., part of the Catholic University of America.

"There are certain revolting methods of execution, such as beheading, that no state would ever permit, even against murderers who use this method on their victims," Latterell said in widely-quoted testimony promoting passage of the bill, which the House Health and Human Services Committee passed in early February with an 11-2 vote.

The same committee killed a dismemberment and decapitation abortion ban last year.

The full House passed the bill -- amended to read "The State of South Dakota recognizes the sanctity of human life" -- with a 65-3 vote on Feb. 19. At that point it went to the State Senate.

Latterell wanted the Senate to revise the bill again, to go beyond beheading and bar all forms of dismemberment of the unborn.

"I knew beheading was an abhorrent technique reserved for the likes of ISIS terrorists, but I did not fully appreciate how much pain the fetal dismemberment that takes place during dilation and evacuation (D&E) abortions causes the baby," Latterell told LifeSiteNews.

"I am confident when the Senate committee is finished with its hearing, Planned Parenthood's lies will be exposed," Latterell continued. "I look forward to banning dismemberment abortion once and for all."

The amended House Bill 1230 was tabled by the Senate Health and Human Services Committee March 4.