SALUTE TO VETERANS: Military wife with young children recalls 'clinking dog tags and booted feet'

by Eva, |
Eva waits in Oklahoma where she yearns for the "tune of clinking dog tags and booted feet," that go along with her Army officer husband. Meanwhile she writes that "motherhood" with her two young daughters is a series of ups and downs, but that she remains thankful. | Courtesy of Eva

ENID, Okla. (Christian Examiner) — Motherhood is nothing if not a series of ups and downs. The girls and I are in Oklahoma staying with my grandparents.

We left our apartment in Seoul early October 29th and with the time difference arrived in Enid 32 hours later late on October 29th. Yesterday was day 12 without daddy, without the usual toys, without the normal beds, without the typical routine.

Cia is typically a good kid, but she is also three and can put forth some seriously horrific tantrums. She turns purple, people. Her eyes bulge. I have, at times, considered calling an exorcist. And yesterday we experienced one of these little gems of toddlerhood. About cheese. But that's not really important.

What is important is the fact that while I have been trying not to allow my stress levels to affect my attitudes and behavior towards them (at least not too much), there is very definitely a behavioral price to pay when transporting two very young children to a place that is not particularly child friendly in a time zone 14 hours off from your own. Without daddy.

But tonight. Tonight my three-year-old daughter gave me the biggest hug as I put her in bed and said, "You are my best, best, best mommy."

And as I continued to hug my precious girl tight, I thanked God for these two treasures He has gifted me. For the wonderful man he put by my side. For this crazy, unpredictable road we're travelling as we walk under His banner of love to the tune of clinking dog tags and booted feet.

I am so grateful for this life I have and these people I have in it.

-- Eva is married to an Army officer and they have been moving their family around the world for a number of years. This column is used with her permission.