GQ Magazine says stop porn

by Karen L. Willoughby, |
The proliferation of the Internet globally has expanded pornography to become a billion industry worldwide. | (FILE) REUTERS

COLFAX, La. (Christian Examiner) – No longer is it just the religious community that opposes pornography, but there is a growing secular opposition in which men are deciding for themselves that pornography is bad for them, their relationships and society.

Even publications as varied as GQ, Vice and New York Magazine have published articles about pornography's negative effects.

GQ lists "10 Reasons Why You Should Quit Watching Porn" and cites a survey in which 64 percent of about 75,000 respondents said their tastes in porn "have become more extreme or deviant" and it has created disinterest in their real life partners because it "trains the viewer to expect constant newness."

But, the survey showed there is hope for the addicted, with 60 percent of those who attempted to stop their addiction seeing improvement in their intimate relationships and 67 percent saying it improved their productivity at work.

Davy Rothbart in a New York Magazine article wrote of his inability to relate with a human partner because of fantasizing with pornography.

Perry, a 41-year-old lawyer, told Rothbart he used to race home to enjoy intimacy with his wife, but now he leaves 30 minutes early to get home before his wife to view porn.

"It's like I've got this other woman ... and the other woman is porn," the lawyer told the writer.

Behavioral therapist Andrea Kuszewsxki told Rothbart users of porn bond with pornography rather than a human because of the dopamine and oxytocin released by the brain during orgasm, chemicals responsible for pleasure/addiction and emotional bonding.

Pornography muted the emotional feelings he had for women, such as a simple pleasure of a kiss, Rich Santos told Marie Claire magazine. But with decreased use of porn, those feelings were coming back, he added.

Mark Manson, according to, had viewed porn for about 10 years and craved increasingly depraved subject matter. However, he completed a 60-day "reboot" of his mind to eliminate the urge for pornography and now says he is "much better off not watching it."