'Allah is great' terrorists & fellow Islamic extremist killed after 2 hostage standoffs

by Will Hall, |
French riot police patrol in central Paris as part of the highest level of "Vigipirate" security plan after a shooting at the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo January 9, 2015. Two brothers wanted for the shooting of 12 people at the offices of satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo were killed on Friday in a police raid on the print works north of Paris where they had been holed up with a hostage, officials said. | REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer

PARIS (Christian Examiner) – The two Muslim terrorists, Cherif Kouachi and Said Kouachi, responsible for the massacre of 12 people in an attack on the Parisian satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo (Charlie Weekly) have been killed in a raid conducted by French police; and, in a separate action, an associate of the two brothers, Amedy Coulibaly—wanted for killing a policewoman—was killed as well.

CNN is reporting that Hayat Boumeddiene, a female suspect in the death of the policewoman, is at large after apparently escaping when hostages fled from a Jewish grocery store where they had been held in the second hostage situation involving Coulibaly. Three of those hostages are dead, although it is not clear whether they died at the hands of the terrorists or by the gunfire from police.

Boumeddiene and Coulibaly apparently took their hostages and demanded freedom for their terrorist associates after the Kouachis had been trapped.

The hostage taken by the Kouachi brothers, and held in a printing shop, escaped without harm.

According to intelligence sources quoted CNN, Coulibaly was connected with Cherif Kouachi to a 2010 attempt to free an Algerian Muslim terrorist convicted in the 1995 subway bombing in Paris.

The Kouachi brothers were born to Algerian parents, but are French citizens.

Meanwhile, USA Today is reporting that the older of the brothers, Said Kouachi, has ties to al-Qaeda in Yemen and made a trip to that country in 2011 to connect with militant Islamist leaders.


Charlie Hebdo: Terrorists cry 'Allah is great' in French satire newspaper massacre