Musicians Colton Dixon & Steven Curtis Chapman play tribute to families of Charleston victims

by Kimberly Pennington, National Correspondent |

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Christian Examiner) -- Inspired by words and actions of members of Charleston, South Carolina's Emanuel AME church where nine people lost their lives last week, at the hands of a man trying to start a race war, Nashville-based musicians Colton Dixon and Steven Curtis Chapman used their musical talents to pay tribute to church members.

Dixon, an American Idol alum, dedicated his new music video "Through All of It" to those impacted by the June 17 shooting in an appearance on Todd Starnes' Fox Nation.

Dixon told Starnes he was personally touched by the words of church Elder Norvel Goff who told the historic Charleston church congregation, "It's by faith that we are standing here and sitting here. It has been tough. Some of us have been downright angry. But through it all God has sustained us."

Written and recorded by Dixon long before the tragedy occurred, "Through All of It" repeatedly says, "Oh and You have been my God through all of it, through all of it."

"I had no idea when we were scheduling the premiere what would take place," Dixon said. "Through it all God has sustained us – that is the epitome of this song. I want people to hear and be encouraged by this."

Chapman's video was more impromptu. Writing on Facebook where he posted his video, Chapman said, "There's one part of this terrible and tragic story in particular that continues to stir me.

"It's the fact that Rev. Pinckney and the other believers gathered at Emanuel AME Church to worship, pray and study God's Word opened their hearts & made room in their 'circle' for a stranger...unknowingly but willingly inviting in the very one who would take the lives of many in their circle. They chose to love...and Love never fails . . .

"As I read Romans 12:18-21 I'm struck with how profound those words are in this situation. Ultimately evil has been and will forever be overcome with good...and there is no more powerful 'good' than the love of God!

"As we continue to pray for comfort and peace to fill the hearts of all affected by this terrible tragedy may we be inspired by the love and the lives of Rev Pinckney and the others in that circle...& may we remember that the story is far from over. Love cannot and will not fail!

"With that thought I wrote this song for the people of Charleston...and to remind all of us...Love conquers all!"

Rev. Clementa Pinckney, 41, was the pastor of Mother Emanuel AME Church and one of the victims. He reportedly had a brief conversation with alleged shooter Dylann Roof before being fatally wounded in the incident.