Sept. 11 flag burning & murders urged by militant black activists

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A partially burned American flag lies in the street in Ferguson, Missouri, on the spot where Michael Brown was killed by a police officer on August 9, 2014. Brown was shot and killed in the process of attacking the officer, the coroner ruled. Brown had just robbed an area convenience store and assaulted its owner. Black activists from the group #FYF911 are calling for a day of national protest Sept. 11 for the killing of Brown and other black men at the hands of the police. They plan to gather in Stone Mountain, Georgia. | REUTERS/Rick Wilking

WARNING TO READERS: The links enabled in this story lead to videos posted by activists with #FYF911 and contain the prolific use of profanity and racial slurs for both white and black people, as well as graphic portrayals of their intentions. Christian Examiner is providing the links for readers to further research the information contained in the article below and as a means of confirmation of the comments made by the activists.

NEW YORK (Christian Examiner) – A group of militant black activists is encouraging the followers of the #BlackLivesMatter movement to hijack Sept. 11, traditionally a day of national remembrance for those who lost their lives in the attacks on the World Trade Center, Pentagon and Flight 19 in 2001.

Instead of celebrating the unity of the United States on the day, the activists instead claim they will be holding nationwide protests, burning the American flag and even using the American flag to clean themselves after using the bathroom. Several of the activists have already posted pictures online showing themselves using the American flag as toilet paper.

The group, closely aligned with the New Black Panthers and other "black supremacy" groups, has also launched a social media campaign under the moniker #FYF911, or "[Expletive] Your Flag 9-11."

In one video, the group claims the day of protest is a slap in the face of the "imperial powers" that carried out the Sept. 11 attacks to gain more power for white people. That belief, a subset of the 9-11 "truther movement," has been discredited by both physical evidence and the collection of intelligence. Another video refers to Sept. 11 as an "inside job."

The group also claims it will be hoisting the "RGB" or "Red-Green-Black" flag of the "Black nation," which they propose to establish after "breaking the psychological chains" of white supremacy.

Most shocking, however, is the violence some in the group are promoting for Sept. 11. During an Aug. 25 radio broadcast in Texas, #FYF911 activist "Sunshine" spoke with callers advocating the murder of police officers and whites who are found alone on that day. The video alone has been viewed over 100,000 times.

One caller said they should wait until the police have left an area and then act – "when them mother [expletive] are by themselves, that's when we should start [expletive] them up like they do us ... six or seven black mother [expletive] see a white person and lynch their [expletive]," the caller said.

"Let's turn the tables. If we turn the tables and cops ... cops start losing people, this will be a whole different story. Cause then it will be a state of emergency and one of two things is going to happen: we're gonna have a big [expletive] race war or [racial slur] are gonna start backing up. We're already getting killed out here, so what the [expletive] we got to lose."

The unnamed caller said white people needed to experience "a sacrifice" because blacks are engaged in a "war" with whites. He added that blacks should look for whites walking alone, "snatch his [expletive] and hang him from a [expletive] tree. Take a picture and send it to the mother [expletive]. I bet it will turn the whole table on [expletive]. We just need one example – one example – and people will start watching."

"Sunshine" responded to the suggestion, saying it was "so [expletive] true."

Three days after the radio broadcast, Harris County Sheriff's Deputy Darren Goforth was shot and killed as he fueled his patrol car at a Northwest Houston-area gas station. Goforth never saw his attacker, who was black.

The caller to the radio program also said the lynching of whites would start a trend because "black people are good at starting trends."

Another video, released Sept. 2 and produced by a man calling himself "King Noble," said "the orders have just come down from the head organizer of the #FYF911 movement."

According to the man in the video, blacks are being instructed to gather at Stone Mountain, Ga., to "witness the end of United States imperialism [and] white supremacy." Stone Mountain features a carved monument of Confederate Generals from the Civil War on horseback and has been mentioned as a target for removal by the activists.

"I don't care if you are a Hebrew Israelite, a Moor, a Black Panther, or black rioter. I don't care what organization you are with – 5 Percenters – I don't care. Get your black [expletive] there. It's going down. Witness for yourself the end of United States imperialism, white supremacy."

"King Noble" said activists planned to burn the American flag at Stone Mountain because it backs all other racist flags which represent those who have done harm to black people. Noble also said the Ku Klux Klan and all other white supremacist movements would not have never been successful if not for free speech.

He signed off his video with a call for "black supremacy."

The #FYF911 movement is led by a man calling himself "Palmetto Star, the Ratchet Revolutionary."


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