Lubitz family pastor asks: 'Where should we go?'

by Will Hall, |
Pastor Michael Dietrich of the Lutheran congregation Evangelisch in Montabaur, Germany, did not have an answer for "why" regarding the deliberate crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 by co-pilot Andreas Lubitz. However, during his Palm Sunday sermon, he did offer that his congregation is "where" Lubitz's family could turn and expect to be embraced. | AP Television/screen capture

MONTABAUR (Christian Examiner) – Pastor Michael Dietrich of the Lutheran church Evangelisch in Andreas Lubitz's hometown of Montabaur, Germany, asked "Where should we go?" during his sermon Sunday.

His introspection came during a memorial service for the victims of the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525—a disaster which investigators have concluded was intentionally caused by Lubitz.

It is a question that victims' families have had to ask, but also "the family of co-pilot Lubitz whom many of us knew personally," Dietrich offered. Lubitz took religious training classes as a teen and his mother was a part-time organist, according to the pastor.

Dietrich's remarks were reported in multiple media outlets, who were trying to address the question of "why" Lubitz took his own life and the lives of 149 others aboard the Lufthansa subsidiary's aircraft.

But Dietrich focused on "where" the grieving can turn.

He continued this point after the service.

Speaking to the Associated Press, he said the murderer's family was part of the community and that they were in need of ministry as well as the victims' families, adding that "we embrace them and will not hide this, and we want to support the family in particular."

Dietrich also expressed frustration and confusion shared by those trying to deal with the tragedy.

He said that there were no signs in his contact with the Lubitz family about any kind of problems.

"This does not make sense," he told AP. "It is incomprehensible for me, for us, for everyone who knew her and the family."