LGBT-driven 'Fairness for All' adopted by evangelical organization will be 'special rights for a few'

by Dave Welch, Christian Post Contributor |
Participants carry a large rainbow flag toward the U.S. Capitol during an LGBT demonstration in Washington, Oct. 11, 2009. | Photo: Reuters/Molly Riley

The recent action by the boards of two organizations who have been nationally visible as representing conservative evangelicals is "The Great Evangelical Sellout" for a number of critical reasons, not the least of which are wrongfully capitulating to one of the most deceptive Straw Men of modern cultural and political issues. The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) and the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) are supporting the inclusion of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression in federal Civil Rights protections, a patent rejection of biblical truths, moral law and sound Constitutional principles.

As reported by World magazine, the organizations, "(CCCU and NAE) have formally endorsed principles that would add sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) to federal nondiscrimination law." The U.S. Pastor Council, a growing inter-racial, inter-denominational network of local Pastor Councils that was founded and grew from the flagship Houston Area Pastor Council (the team that led the defeat of lesbian former Mayor Annise Parker's pro-LGBTQ "Equal Rights Ordinance" in 2015) is calling out the NAE and CCCU for this indefensible act of yielding moral truth for perceived temporary protections.

Many will remember the infamous 2014 "sermon subpoena" incident in which five pastors who were not parties to the lawsuit against the city of Houston for wrongfully invalidating referendum signatures were subpoenaed for seventeen categories of sermon and church related information, an act that shocked the world. The subpoenas were embedded in the effort to defeat on a city level what the CCCU and NAE are supporting now at a national level – criminalizing Christianity outside the church building and eventually within it.

Those subpoenas revealed just how interested the LGBTQ radicals are in protecting "religious freedom," and as one of those subpoenaed, I can witness this fact.

One of the primary reasons that the voters of Houston rejected the open-ended addition of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression in non-discrimination protections by a 61 to 39 percentage margin is that we exposed the absence of evidence.

After repeated public requests to provide any proof of actual, documented discrimination that rises to the level of massive new laws with police powers to punish citizens, pastors, employers and others for exercising both religious faith and simple common sense, the Mayor and the Human Rights Campaign came up with nothing but anecdotes.

This was and is in the truest sense a solution looking for a problem, but a dangerous solution that is at its core a hostile rejection of God's created order of male, female, marriage, church, moral law and civil law. The LGBTQIAP+ agenda is inseparable with Darwinian evolution and perverted Kinsey sexual amoralism. In their view, we are animals, there is no God and are unstoppably driven by our hormones. They are therefore absolutely intolerant of the premise of any moral absolutes and now even any physical, biological or scientific absolutes.

The radical LGBTQIAP+ (for definition of this latest acronym see radicals have literally hijacked the virtue and justice of the Civil Rights movement that was at its very core a cause to restore culture and government policies based on God's laws of creation and justice. The Achilles Heel in the CCCU, NAE and Human Rights Campaign is extending Fourteenth Amendment "equal protection" to behavior and state of mind.

In fact, following the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act Justice Thurgood Marshall, one of the Civil Rights movements greatest champions and first Black American to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States, supported very clear legal guidelines as to who should be granted remedy for equal protection. He and the subsequent courts determine whether a claimant qualifies as a "Suspect Class," commonly defined as whether the complainant group:

  1. Have an inherent trait.
  2. Have a trait that is highly visible
  3. As a class, have been disadvantaged historically. (e.g. jobs, education)
  4. Are part of a group that has historically lacked effective representation in the political process.

(Racial and ethnic classifications are the two suspect classifications most often given strict scrutiny.)

With the first criteria being "inherent trait," the entire LGBTQIAP+ train comes off the tracks. Inherent trait is defined as:

Existing in something else, so as to be inseparable from it.

In a nutshell, the LGBTQIAP+ movement, defined universally by non-inherent and constantly evolving sexual lifestyles and mental gymnastics fails the first test and each test thereafter.

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