ISIS: We will burn America

by Will Hall, |
"We Will Burn America" is an Islamic State propaganda video threatening the United States even as the jihadists experience setbacks in Iraq and Syria from air strikes and a ground campaign.

LONDON (Christian Examiner) – In a chilling 11-minute video, "We Will Burn America," Islamic State terrorists threaten a 9/11-style attack on the United States.

The propaganda film was released as Islamic militants are facing fierce attacks, and are being pushed back by in predominately Sunni Iraq and Syria by U.S.-led air strikes and a ground campaign by Shiite militias backed by Iran. The Iraqi city of Tikrit which had become a terrorist stronghold was taken from IS fighters in late March and on Sunday a senior leader for the jihadists, Abu Maria, was killed just outside Tikrit.

Amid these setbacks, the jihadists claim to have become more powerful since al-Qaeda terrorists highjacked four planes 14 years ago and destroyed the two towers of the World Trade Center, attacked the Pentagon and crashed into a field in Pennsylvania.

"Today there is no safety for any American on the globe," the video warns using broken English and subtitles. "The mujahedeen before, although they had less resources, attacked New York and bombed the Twin Towers."

"Today the mujahedeen are much more stronger [sic] and they have more resources than before, thus they are able to burn United States again."

The video makes use of footage of the Twin Towers exploding in flames and gruesome clips of the beheadings of two U.S. journalists and the burning alive of a caged Jordanian pilot.

Claiming "no safety and security" for Europe, a voice on the video says the same will follow for America, "and September 11 will be repeated."