ISIS threatens to behead Obama in video: 'We will reach America,' says militant

by Christian Examiner, |
A protester holds a placard against Islamic State In Syria (ISIS) militants during a demonstration August 9, 2014. | (FILE) REUTERS/Ralph Orlowski)

BAGHDAD – ISIS threatened to behead President Obama inside the White House before spreading Shariah law across the U.S. Monday in a new propaganda video, according to reports. The Islamic terrorist organization also threatened other world leaders in a move that some suggest is retaliation for Kurdish forces seizing the Syrian border town of Kobane earlier that day.

The video, which is titled "Bombardment of Peaceful Muslim in the City of Mosul," shows the destruction of the Iraqi city from mortar shells. Later on is a graphic decapitation of an enemy soldier by an ISIS terrorist.

One of the insurgents said during the video that Islamic state forces will eventually reach the U.S. and kill President Barack Obama. He also threatened President Masoud Barzani of the Kurdistan Regional Government as well as the people of France and Belgium.

"This is the fate of anyone who opposes Islam," the man said. "Know, oh Obama, that we will reach America. Know also that we will cut off your head in the White House and transform America into a Muslim province."

"Know that we are men who fear no one," the terrorist continued. "We will institute the laws of Allah; may he be exalted and praised."

"But as for your, oh Masoud, you dog, we are going to behead you and throw you into the trash bin of history," the fighter said, talking about the Kurdish President.

To the people of France and Belgium: "We advise you that we will come to you with car bombs and explosive charges and we will cut off your heads."

The militant also accused opponents of hypocrisy, highlighting the civilians who have been killed by missile strikes and even interviewing one man that said a strike killed his family. U.S. drone strikes have so far killed over 6,000 ISIS insurgents throughout Syria and Iraq, President Obama said.

"[E]very time you launch a missile, we will send you back the head of one of your soldiers. You are killing children and bombing civilians, while claiming that this is forbidden in your constitution," the militant said before decapitating his prisoner of war.