ISIS targets 100 troops on U.S. soil

by Will Hall, |

WASHINGTON (Christian Examiner) – The Islamic State Hacking Division has posted an online list of the names—with addresses and photos—of 100 military personnel they want murdered in the United States.

The group said it leaked the information "so that our brothers residing in America and deal with you" and challenged its supporters to "take the final step" and "kill them in their own lands" by stabbing or beheading them to death "as they walk their streets thinking they are safe."

Although the extremists claim to have hacked military computer systems, Department of Defense officials say the names appear to be culled from news articles that mention soldiers, airmen and sailors who have taken part in airstrikes against Islamic State jihadists in Iraq and Syria. They also said the personal information could be taken from public records and social media.

Already, some of the information has been found to be dated, including addresses that no longer are current.

Regardless, military officials have contacted these troops and urged them to be alert and aware and "to limit the amount of available personal information."