Is Tim Tebow Eyeing a Move to Canada to Play for Canadian Football League?

by Christine Thomasos, |
Aug 22, 2015; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Tim Tebow (11) throws during warm ups before a game against the Baltimore Ravens at Lincoln Financial Field. | BILL STREICHER/USA TODAY SPORTS

GAINESVILLE (Christian Post) — Tim Tebow might be considering a move to Canada to pursue his dream of playing professional football.

Tebow, 28, won the Heisman trophy in 2007 as a University of Florida quarterback but has since struggled to find his place in the NFL. The Jacksonville, Florida native last played in a regular season game with the New York Jets in 2012 before being picked up by the New England Patriots in 2013 where he was released before the regular season. He suffered the same fate with the Philadelphia Eagles last year.

Now, his former University of Florida coach Urban Meyer said he and Tebow are speaking about the QB playing in Canada.

"I was actually in a conversation with him about going to Canada ... I think if there's a right (opportunity) I think he'd probably do it," Meyer told last week.."He does have somewhat of an awkward throwing motion at times. I really thought the Chip Kelly experience (in Philadelphia) would be his opportunity."

Despite needing some improvement with his throwing mechanics, Meyer said, "I really hope he gets his foot in the door."

Myer is not the first coach to work with Tebow to mention the possibilities of him playing in Canada. Quarterback coach Steve Clarkson, who also worked with Tebow in the past, previously spoke about possible opportunities for Tebow in the CFL.

"It's time now to maybe just reconsider a different path to his ultimate dream. Tim might want to look to the CFL because he may have run out of options in the NFL,'' Clarkson told USA Today in 2013. "Sitting is not an option for Tim. He's ultra-competitive. He needs to stick to his strength, which is being in a competitive environment.

Since football seems to be a priority for Tebow who has said the sport provides him a platform to share his Christian testimony, Clarkson spoke about the importance of Tebow continuing to work on his skills.

"Anyone who wants to work on their craft the way Tim does, he just needs to give himself a couple of days and really decide, 'Is this what I want to do?' Clearly, football is still in his blood,'' he said.

Tebow, who now serves as an ESPN SEC college football analyst, has spoken about his desire to play professional football again. Still, the young man whose family are longtime members of First Baptist Church in Jacksonvile, Florida, recognizes the importance of not idolizing the game he loves.

"We choose to idolize certain things, and love certain things," Tebow said while speaking at benefit for the Cancer Wellness Foundation of Central Alabama back in January. "I'm not saying it's wrong to love sports, I love them as much as anybody. But do we choose to really see what matters?"

This article first published in Christian Post and is used with permission.