Hundreds of Thousands of Students to Take Part in 'Bring Your Bible to School Day'

by Michael Gryboski, |

Hundreds of thousands of students across the United States are expected to take part in a Focus on the Family-sponsored event that involves them taking their Bibles to school.

The annual "Bring Your Bible to School Day" is scheduled to take place on Thursday. Last year, the observance had an estimated 356,000 students participate.

Candi Cushman, FOTF education analyst and spokesperson for the Bring Your Bible observance, told The Christian Post that this year's observance "comes at a time of brokenness for the nation."

"We've all seen the headlines — from the hurricanes last month to the horrific tragedy in Las Vegas earlier this week," said Cushman.

"In the midst of this brokenness, Christian students are equipped through this event to share encouraging Bible verses and point to the comfort that God brings in the midst of pain."

Cushman also told CP that students "have the chance to express the foundation of their own hope — one that's not shaken by trials and uncertainty, but that is built on a strong faith."

"The Word of God has the power to heal, to comfort and to shine light in a dark world. These kids will be communicating hope for the future," continued Cushman.

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