How should Christians respond to child drag queens and sexualizing kids?

by Brandon Showalter, Christian Post Reporter |
"Miss Lola," a drag queen from Los Angeles, marches in the 37th Annual Vancouver Pride Parade in Vancouver, British Columbia August 2, 2015. | REUTERS/Ben Nelms

Mainstream acceptance of sexualizing children was once thought unthinkable, but with society celebrating such things as children performing in drag shows, some are asking: Is pedophilia being normalized?

Crystallizing these worries in recent days was a photo posted to Instagram showing a 10-year-old Canadian boy named Nemis Quinn Mélançon-Golden — who's been featured on network and cable news shows as "Lactatia," his stage name — posing next to a naked man who was the most recent winner of "RuPaul's Drag Race."

The photo emerged on the heels of another child drag performer, Desmond Napoles, who is known as Desmond is Amazing, being seen in a video dancing in a skimpy white top and a blond wig to Gwen Stefani's "I'm Just A Girl" before a crowd of men who threw dollar bills at him at a gay bar in New York City.

Both Mélançon-Golden's and Napoles' parents are supportive of their sons and have said they are just playing and expressing themselves, and have asserted that they are not sexualizing their own children.

In a "Final Point" segment on OANN Monday, host Liz Wheeler asked how the photo of Mélançon-Golden could be construed as anything other than child pornography.

"Are drag queens exempt from the laws protecting children from adult sexual predators? Are parents of 'drag kids' exempt from the laws that prohibit parents from facilitating sexual encounters between minor children and adult predators?" she inquired, rejecting the notion that her distaste was rooted in bigotry and homophobia.

"Tell me how this is possibly OK. Tell me how this is not child abuse. Tell me how this is not this close to pedophilia," Wheeler said, challenging leftists to defend this.

"What makes this any different from child pornography?"

Wheeler noted that no one has attempted to protect these children from sexual exploitation. Instead, the boys' parents are facilitating their participation in drag events and the phenomenon of "drag kids" has even been celebrated on ABC's "Good Morning America."

"If a straight, 10-year-old girl was posed with a naked adult man, the man would go to prison so fast he wouldn't know what happened to him. And his fellow inmates would beat him for child sex abuse before he had time to unpack his bag."

Everett Piper, president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, believes the phenomena of children in drag has come about because of the cultural dumbing down of what it means to be a human being to nothing but the sum total of ones desires and inclinations.

"In other words, we've insulted the definition of the human being, the imago Dei," the image of God, Piper said in an interview with The Christian Post on Tuesday.

"If you've got a passion or an appetite, an inclination or a proclivity to do something — that's the sum total of who you are."

That's an insult to the human being, he said, as it reduces humans to mere animals.

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