'Entire Generation of Billy Grahams Rising Up' Believes Millennial Evangelist

by Leah MarieAnn Klett, Christian Post Contributor |
PULSE founder Nick Hall addresses the crowd at the Together launch event held on the National Mall on July 12, 2015. | PHOTO: PULSE

Nick Hall, founder of PULSE, a student-led prayer and evangelism movement, believes a "new generation of Billy Grahams" is on the verge of rising up as the United States continues to experience moral and spiritual decline.

"When Billy Graham began his ministry, society looked very dark," Hall told The Christian Post. "He helped spur the Youth for Christ movement that shifted culture back to Jesus. The same thing is happening today. We're seeing a lot of darkness and opposition in culture today, and in response, a generation is rising up, standing up on the hope of Jesus in a way that is loving and putting Jesus first. They're not leading with issues that will divide, but with a Jesus who welcomes everyone. He calls for change and repentance, but first welcomes broken people."

Hall speaks from firsthand experience; dubbed a "voice to the next generation," the evangelist — himself a millennial — has shared the Gospel in person to nearly 3 million students. PULSE, an evangelism-centric movement Hall started on a college campus in North Dakota back in 2006, is today a large-scale evangelistic effort that spans the entire country.

"At our events, we're seeing thousands of students giving everything for Jesus," Hall said. "They're coming out by the busloads, filling the National Mall, on fire for the Gospel. This is a generation that cares deeply for their faith, while also caring deeply for their neighbor, for the refugee and for the outcast."

"I look into the eyes of teenagers and college kids today, and I'm encouraged," he continued. "There's power in unity, and that's something this generation understands. They understand lifting one another's arms to something bigger than us."

Graham died in February at age 99. Hall, who leads the student advisory team for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, said the famed evangelist left behind a ministry model that churches today would do well to follow.

"There are a lot of voices that divide and share opinions on a lot of topics, and it's only one thing that's needed. The world needs to hear one thing, and that's Jesus," Hall said. "Billy Graham had a single-mindedness in staying on the message of Jesus. I don't think it's a coincidence that the year Billy Graham passes we have the biggest generation of youth ministry that we've seen in decades. It's a literal and spiritual passing of a baton, and that desperately needs to go on."

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