Ebola terror in the skies

by Will Hall, |
In this archived photo, Frontier Airline jets line up to be de-iced at Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado December 29, 2006. | REUTERS/Mark Leffingwell

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Christian Examiner)—The Centers for Disease Control disclosed late Oct. 15 the Ebola patient admitted Oct. 14 to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital was on a Frontier Airlines aircraft the day before.

The CDC stated the passenger was asymptomatic during the trip, but because of "proximity in time between the evening flight and first report of illness the following morning" it was contacting all passengers and crew who also were on the flight.

There were 132 passengers on Frontier Airlines 1143 from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport according to Frontier Airlines. The number of crew members was not released.

Frontier reported it had taken the aircraft out of service as a precaution, although it said the Ebola patient "exhibited no symptoms or sign of illness" on the flight according to the crew.

The CDC has set up a dedicated phone line (1-800-232-4636, 1-800-CDC-INFO) to respond to questions from and to conduct interviews with passengers on the flight, and is asking them to call.

"Individuals who are determined to be at any potential risk will be actively monitored," according to a CDC press release.

For its part, Frontier said the safety and security of customers and employees was a primary concern.

"Frontier will continue to work closely with CDC and other governmental agencies to ensure proper protocols and procedures are being followed."

Meanwhile, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital made two announcements today, upgrading the status of Nina Pham to "good condition" and revealing possible plans to transfer the unnamed second infected health care worker to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.

"We are sensitive to the demands being placed on our caregivers, who are working intensively to provide quality care to all patients, and we will provide new information as decisions are made," spokesman Wendell Watson shared in an emailed statement.