Do You Believe?

by Kimberly Pennington, National Correspondent |

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Christian Examiner) -- "BEST MOVIE EVER!!! . . . It made me realize, I'm going down the wrong path with some things in life, and that I should open my eyes because God is good!" Carla Wolf said.

"Awesome movie!" according to Kimberly Kessler. "I took my teenage son yesterday, and it opened up a great discussion after the movie. Thanks for making this wonderful movie!!!"

Wolf and Kessler are just two out of thousands who have expressed sentiments on Facebook about "Do You Believe?" – the latest theatrical release from Pure Flix Entertainment, the faith-centered company which produced the 2014 hit film "God's Not Dead" and other films with family, faith-based and inspirational themes.

Approximately one million people have viewed "Do You Believe?" since its March 20 release when it debuted at number 6 in that weekend's box office.

Pure Flix CEO and producer Michael Scott told Christian Examiner he has received numerous testimonies about the movie's impact on people who have seen it.

"It's been incredible," he said. "During opening weekend in Puerto Rico, there were some pastors in audience. At the end, the pastors gave an altar call, and the aisles filled with people to accept the Lord.

"We're hearing those testimonies all over," he beamed.

"Another global thing we've heard is that people are enjoying it and at the end when [the Newsboys song] 'We Believe' comes on, entire audiences are singing along."

Scott encouraged people to see the movie during Easter weekend and to make it an evangelistic event.

"Bring your unsaved friend, neighbor, or co-worker. I think it will have a deep impact on them," he stated. "We are hearing of parents bringing teens who are deeply impacted in their faith. They realize their selfishness, and it opens conversations about faith in action. We're seeing it from teens to seniors. One of those story lines connects with people."

In a previous interview Scott told Christian Examiner the movie utilizes a multi-storyline approach involving people of various ages from all walks of life who struggle with common problems everyone faces. Their lives intersect in unexpected ways through a sermon preached by a pastor about the implications of the cross of Jesus Christ, he said.

Scott reminded people not to delay in seeing the movie or they might miss their chance to be blessed and to bring someone to hear the Gospel.

"The theater owners look at revenue that comes in. How long it stays is dictated by each week. We need support of all the people. If they can get out this weekend, we'd like to see this thing continue to impact lives for weeks to come," he commented.

Fans of Pure Flix productions can look forward to two new releases scheduled for later this year.

"Faith of Our Fathers" is set to hit theaters on a limited basis July 1.

It is a fictional account of two sons of Vietnam veterans who attempt to learn more about their fathers' experiences in that war.

Scott said it is a patriotic tribute to veterans.

"You get to see their journey juxtaposed against their fathers' journey in Vietnam and the impact of the fathers' letters on the sons," he said.

"Woodlawn: Dare to Believe," scheduled for an October 16 release, portrays the true story of a campus revival in Alabama during the 1970s that transformed the campus and had an impact on reconciliation.

"It is a powerful testimony of what happened there and what could happen today. Woodlawn is about revolution and revival," Scott said.