Christian mom forced out of library drag show by cops and harassed by Antifa speaks out

by Brandon Showalter, Christian Post Reporter |
'Teen Pride' poster in the Renton King Country Public Library in Renton, Washington. | Photo: Courtesy of MassRessistanceWashington

A mother who was physically removed by police from a public library that was hosting a "Teen Pride" LGBT event says what she witnessed amounted to hours of child "grooming."

In an interview with The Christian Post on Monday, the mother, who spoke on condition of anonymity because local activists have been making threats against her, explained what happened after she and other concerned parents went to the event in Renton, Washington, posing as supportive advocates so they could document what they saw.

Among the exhibitor items available for the taking by anyone were condoms and sex lubricant, she explained. Eight $50 gift cards for chest binders — used by trans-identifying females to flatten their breasts in order to appear more masculine — were raffled. Bookmarks shaped like penises inscribed with a lewd message that employed book titles like Moby Dick, Lord of the Flies, and Fifty Shades of Grey as double entendres were also freely given away.

Photos of these items were sent to The Christian Post and have been posted online. The library website described the event as "suitable" for tweens and teens.

Video footage of the event that was shared with CP shows Planned Parenthood representatives instructing the youth how to make dental dams out of condoms and latex gloves in order to prevent infection during oral-to-anal or oral-to-vaginal sex. It was explained that making dental dams is necessary because the skin in the mouth is vulnerable to infection. Footage also shows an exhibitor explaining to a library guest the purpose of "internal condoms" for "people with vaginas."

After a drag show — where one drag queen performed a strip-tease dance and another howled like a dog for everyone in attendance — concluded at 5 p.m., library staff announced on the intercom that the library was closing and adults who were not there with a teen had to leave.

"We're not leaving. What are they going to do after that? If they want all the adults to leave, what's going to happen?" the Tacoma-area mother told CP, recounting her thought process at the time.

From 5 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., the library hosted a sex advice panel, and the information and questions that were exchanged were explicit, and seemed to encourage the young people to engage in sexual acts.

"I saw kids in there who looked like they were as young as 10. It was pretty gross," the mom said.

CP reached out the King County Library Trustees inquiring how this explicit event came to be approved but did not hear back by press time. CP will update this article when a comment is received.

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