18 Must-Read Influential Christian Books for the Intellectually Curious

by Michael Gryboski, |

The world of books abounds in literature that is profound, interesting, provocative, and at times influential over the past centuries. In addition to the Bible, here are 18 Christian books that are must-reads for the believer seeking intellectual, emotional, and/or spiritual edification.

Ranging across both fiction and non-fiction categories, one component all of these books have in common is the intent to provide Christians with spiritual edification. In addition to being perennial bestsellers, these books will deepen your thinking and provide you with practical insights you can act upon today.

Widely vetted across masses and generations, you will not go wrong in picking up one of these 18 must-reads for your reading list. Challenge yourself to read them all—or choose the one that most interests you and start there.

Grab a highlighter, a coffee mug, a notebook and pen, and take in the best these books have to offer. Be sure to reflect on your reading regularly to collect all the impactful quotes you come across and maximize your spiritual harvest from these influential reads.