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Use less words

American cultural teaches that "more is better." There is an additional belief that "something is better than nothing." But could it be that in the nothing, "more" and "better" are found?

Is our society fostering social isolation?

No doubt we have all witnessed the modern phenomenon of a family eating at a restaurant and no-one is talking because they are all too busy with their technological devices. Sadly, this is fast becoming the norm.

4 Steps To Reach People Of Other Religions

How do you share Christ with someone from an Eastern religion when you are not familiar with that person's belief system? I was recently asked to do an overview of Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Islam for a high school student group preparing for a mission trip to a large city. Fortunately, they ...

Woman: Becoming Your Best

Woman's role reflects God's, as the helper of man. In other words, women operate from a position of strength, not inferiority.

From Unanswered Prayers to Answered Prayers

I shared with a person, who I was now praying for, a real story from my prayer board. As I shared, the person said to me, "I just got goose bumps!" I began to understand that I was not working alone. God was allowing the Holy Spirit to work within me to reach others.

What is Truth?

Existential relativists believe all "truth" is relative to an individual's perspective or the culture in which they were raised. Chances are, dear reader, YOU are an existential relativist. This is true even if you claim some religious label like, "Christian."

Marriage and the Nature of God

One of the most amazing and beautiful facts about the union of the woman and the man is that marriage portrays the Holy Trinity. I think this is a part of why marriage leads some to faith; it reflects the unity, the love, and the pillar of authority which are all revealed in the Trinity. Others ...

The Trinity, the Church and Marriage

Marriage is a picture of Messiah and Bride. Also, family is a picture of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Are these merely two arbitrary comparisons? You can be sure they are not.

Save the World

If you want to love God and man, have a family and save the world. It's in your hands.

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