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The Science Guy Bill Nye calls homosexuality natural sexual behavior

Popular science educator and television personality Bill Nye the Science Guy, known for agnostic and pro-evolution views, explained in a recent You Tube video his perspective of homosexuality as part of a natural spectrum of sexual behavior found in humans and animals. His assertion was addressed ...

Can faith stories change America's narrative?

Rep. Randy Forbes (R-VA) joined Family Research Council President Tony Perkins on \"Washington Watch\" to announce \"Faith it Forward\" – an online social media project facilitated by the bi-partisan Congressional Prayer Caucus where Americans can share stories about the role of faith in meeting ...

ISIS, Israel & Iran may be closing in on end-times prophesy

Days before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a controversial speech to the United States Congress warning of the danger of Iran building nuclear weapons, Bible prophecy teachers told an audience that current events involving Israel, ISIS, Iran, and the United States may be part ...

States' rights battle looms in Kansas over same-sex marriage

In a battle shaping up to test a state\'s rights against federal control, the National Organization for Marriage has urged recently re-elected Governor Sam Brownback to ignore the U.S. Supreme Court\'s action, Nov. 12, which lifted a stay on issuing same-sex marriage licenses in Kansas.

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