When you need to move forward

When you need to move forward

A central Florida mom talks about packing up her home and moving on by \"moving one foot forward\" and \"choosing what needs to be left behind.\" And just when it gets overwhelming, she says, friends show up.

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Life with ADHD? Hard.

A teacher, mom and writer talks about her day-to-day struggle with ADHD as an adult. \"I\'m late for everything,\" she laments. \"All the time. ... \"It\'s embarrassing.\"

Why mommas need each other

An Orlando area school teacher and blogger captures the yearning of moms -- younger and older -- who get that \"only another momma understands the secrets our hearts never speak.\" Take a ride with Heather on a merry-go-round of reflection and respect for mommas.

Are you ready for a new you?

Heather talks about choices tinged with selfish desires and how they are fails, but how knowing Jesus can bring refreshment and newness in the new year.

What stops you from looking at the Baby in the manger?

Has the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season distracted you from the reason we celebrate? A look at the Baby Jesus in the manger, through the eyes of a child help bring perspective to our busy lives. \"Crowns and angel wings have been chipped and glued, chipped and glued. And Baby Jesus ...

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