Modesty advocate: New fashion doll figures to challenge Mattel's Barbie

Modesty advocate: New fashion doll figures to challenge Mattel's Barbie

Nickalay Lamm started a research project to study how fashion dolls distort women\'s body proportions -- and his idea has translated into a new toy that figures to challenge Mattel\'s message about body image portrayed through its Barbie doll. His invention has realistic proportions and offers ...

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Hallmark pulls Hanukkah gift wrap with Nazi swastika design

Hallmark Cards is pulling rolls of gift wrap from Walgreen stores after a Southern California customer noticed a pattern in the paper that resembled a swastika.The Kansas City-based company learned of the gift wrap gaffe Sunday night, after the customer contacted her rabbi and then called the ...

Satanic exhibit added to Florida's capitol building holiday displays

Visitors to Florida\'s capitol will see an assortment of holiday decorations–from the sacred to the profane–in the building\'s rotunda this December.The Florida Department of Management Services gave the green light Dec. 3 to the display from the Satanic Temple being placed in the state\'s capitol.

Court overturns drug testing for welfare recipients

A federal appeals court has found a Florida state law that required welfare recipients to pass a drug test unconstitutional. The December 3 ruling by the 11th U.S. Circuit of Appeals said welfare applicants \"are not stripped of their legitimate expectations of privacy\" when they apply for aid.

Ferguson business owners welcome new 'crowds'

After bouts with protesters ransacking and burning businesses in Ferguson, Missouri, it would be natural for shop owners to fear the gathering of masses. But crowds of a sort are flocking to the aid of the St. Louis suburb and community leaders are pleasantly overwhelmed.

Sex ed event tells students to sext, watch porn & illegally use meth

A Portland, Ore., television station has exposed the Adolescent Sexuality Conference for teaching students, as young as 11 years old, to watch porn and illegally use meth among a range of inappropriate behaviors. Event organizer, Brad Victor, however, claims nothing that took place broke the law, ...

Supreme Court hesitance to address gay marriage may end soon

When the Supreme Court allowed lower federal court rulings to stand, Oct. 6, ending bans on same-sex marriage in five states, the common view was the court was moving out of the way to permit the wholesale redefinition of marriage. But Justice Thomas recently penned his displeasure with the ...

Forced abortion of sorts: Religious group must provide contraceptives

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit said the current healthcare law does not \"substantially burden a person\'s exercise of religion\" by requiring plans covering women to include contraceptives, essentially forcing a Catholic group to ignore church teachings.Priests for Life, one of ...

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