Will Graham tells Chinese of 'Jesus' sacrificial love'

by Will Hall |

(Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)Members of Rongxiang Church listen intently as Will Graham shares the Gospel, Feb. 24.

WUXI, China (Christian Examiner) – Will Graham added to his family's heritage of sharing Christ's love in China, preaching Feb. 24-25 in two churches of the Jiangsu Province.

Graham is in China at the invitation of the Jiangsu Province Christian Council with the approval of the government.

(Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)Will Graham shares the Gospel with about 1,000 in attendance at Rongxiang Church in Wuxi, China, on Feb. 24.

On the first night he shared the Gospel with about 1,000 in attendance at Rongxiang Church.

"I told of my grandparents' great love for the people of China, and of Jesus' sacrificial love for all of us," he shared by Facebook.

Graham's great grandfather Dr. Nelson Bell was a medical missionary in Jiangsu and it is the birthplace of his grandmother Ruth, wife of Billy Graham.

About 1,400 were present when he preached at Zhongshanlu Church, he said. "Thanks for your prayers!

Graham is scheduled to preach at the Huai'an Christian Church Feb. 27 and 28 to complete his visit in China.

Jiangsu Province is home to more than 75 million people.