Vivisecting Children

by Fay Voshell , Christian Post Contributor |

C.S Lewis' legions of fans will remember his fierce opposition to vivisection. In his prescient book God in the Dock, he includes a chapter on experimentation on animals, in which he concludes that vivisection of beasts marks a triumph of "ruthless, nonmoral utilitarianism over ethical law...We choose the jungle and must abide by our choice."

Lewis added that experiments on animals lends a justificatory framework for the vivisection of human beings:

"But the most sinister thing about modern vivisection is this. If a mere sentiment justifies cruelty, why stop at a sentiment for the whole human race? There is also a sentiment for the white man against the black, for a Herrenvolk against the non-Aryans, for "civilized" or "progressive" peoples against "savage" or "backward" peoples. Finally, for our own country, party, or class against others. Once the old Christian idea of a total difference in kind between man beast has been abandoned, then no argument for experiments on animals can be found which is not also an argument for experiments on inferior men. If we cut up beasts simply because they cannot prevent us and because we are backing our own side in the struggle for existence, it is only logical to cut up imbeciles, criminals, enemies, or capitalists for the same reasons. Indeed, experiments on men have already begun. We all hear that Nazi scientists have done them. We all suspect that our own scientists may begin to do so, in secret, at any moment."

Of course, Lewis, who wrote the above after the exposure of the horrors of the Third Reich, was completely correct that Nazi scientists experimented on humans.

In a heartrending YouTube video, 84-year-old Eva Mozes Kor, a survivor of the infamous twin experiments performed by Dr. Joseph Mengele, relates her and her twin sister's experiences of having undergone vivisection and poisoning. Mengele's goal was to find out how to increase the Aryan population by enabling the birth of more twins, but he also was caught up in experimenting with developing Aryan characteristics by such means as injecting dye into brown eyes in order they become blue. Eva recalls that in one particularly gruesome experiment, Mengele sewed two Romani twins together back to back in order to create conjoined twins. The screaming children died of gangrene after three days of hideous suffering.

Less well known than his attempts at making brown eyes blue is the fact Mengele performed sex change operations, operating on victims without anesthesia. All his experiments were done in complete secret, with the only witnesses to his demented research being the few twins who survived his vivisection—twins like Eva Kor.

Today's mad scientists are not doing vivisection of humans in secret. In fact, vivisection is being performed quite openly and routinely in full view of the public. But now experimentation on human beings goes by the name of human "rights" advocated by the transgender movement. The cult of transgenderism, in which vivisection is done on mere children in order to satisfy the fantasy that one can become other than the sex with which they are born, has an entire religious-political rationale that provides a justificatory framework for what is actually Mengele type experiments on children and youths.

The truth is that the world views of transgenderism and Nazism share a similar rationale concerning experimentation on human beings. Both see vivisection and disfigurement of the body as a way to improve humanity, asserting by surgery transformative power over basic characteristics of the human race. The deliberate infliction of pain and torture, including drugs that produce sterility, is considered by both ideologies as a necessary good in order the human race move toward mastery of its inherent and natural structural limitations, including sex as assigned by birth.

For Nazism, a master Aryan race could be achieved. For transgenderism, elevation above the natural limitations of being male or female can be achieved. For both, control of a human being's physical material will transform the person who undergoes vivisection into something better than they were before. For both, a type of redemption from mere mortality is achieved by manipulation of the physical body. Indeed, some churches have already considered acknowledging the new trans doctrines of redemption by developing liturgies celebrating the "transition" from one sex to another. It is worth noting that the current paroxysms of the Catholic Church, while centered on the child abuse and homosexual issues, are due in part to the transgender revolution--whether or not that revolution is acknowledged. The "T" in the LGBTQ movement that has infiltrated the Catholic church does, after all, stand for "Transgender," and thus for the ersatz redemption by mutilation the cult endorses. In consequence, the Catholic church might face another child abuse scandal as children become targets for mutilation and sterilization.

In both ideologies, any method is justified by the supposition that the person who undergoes mutilation and sterilization is an improved version of the human race; that he or she has transcended the ordinary limitations of this mortal coil by shuffling it off for another version. The fact "transitioning" is posited as voluntary choice by mere children does not mitigate the horror of what is happening to them. In fact, in many ways the canard that children can choose to be mutilated makes the whole transgender movement even more prurient, as parental and state protective cover and guidance of the young minds vanishes. Unprotected children are as sheep led to the slaughter, firmly believing that they can be anything they want to be; that mutilation and sterilization are the ultimate self-improvements. In actuality, they are sacrificial lambs being led to the dissection table.

At the bottom of the Nazi and transgender ideologies is the idea that all natural human characteristics, including sexual distinctions, can be tinkered with and even eliminated by a ruling elite who have taken the position of the gods. The transformer may, by surgery and experimentation, change mere malleable flesh into something that is more than human. Both believe in the reconstruction of physicality in order to create a new man; a new woman.

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