Revenge Season 5 canceled news: No new season as series is canceled after 4 seasons

by Adrian Callahan, |
Revenge | (ABC)

American soap opera "Revenge" has been cancelled after airing four seasons, the show's top producer confirmed on Wednesday.

An exclusive report by Entertainment Weekly quoted "Revenge" executive producer Sunil Nayar as saying that the show's episode on May 10 will be the official end of the series.

Nayar also described the "Revenge" series finale as "fabulous."

"We've been talking to the network and we all just wanted to make sure that we felt very confident… As much as we all adore the show, it has hit exactly the mark it needed to to end," Nayar told Entertainment Weekly.

Following the announcement of the show's cancellation, past and present stars of "Revenge" took to Twitter to thank their fans for watching the show's four seasons.

"Huge thank you and mad love to all of our devoted #Revenge fans over the years! You will never know how much it's meant to all of us." lead actress Emily Vancamp, who played the show's anti-hero Emily Thorne a.k.a. Amanda Clarke, said on her Twitter page.

Vancamp also thanked cast and crew members of the show, whom she described as "most incredible."

Fan favorite Gabriel Mann, who played the role of tech expert and Emily's loyal ally Nolan, simply tweeted "#GoodbyeRevenge."

Some fans of the show have predicted the show's conclusion after the show's lead antagonist, Victoria Grayson (played by actress Madeleine Stowe), was recently killed off from the show. The character committed suicide to be able to frame Emily.

Another hanging question is if Emily will die in the series finale. The final episode of "Revenge" is said to be entitled "Two Graves."

Nayar said the series finale will have a "tiny little cliffhanger," sparking speculations that ABC's new show, "The Kingmakers," will actually be a spinoff of "Revenge."