'Only God Could Have Done It': Rock Star's Radical Transformation

by Billy Hallowell , Pureflix.Com |

((PHOTO: SKILLET))(From left) Lead vocalist John Cooper, keyboardist/vocalist Karey Cooper, guitarist Ben Kasica, drummer/vocalist Jen Ledger

Jen Ledger, who has spent the past decade playing the drums for Christian rock band Skillet, recently ventured out on her own to release her first solo album titled, LEDGER. The rock star has also revealed that she's on a mission to make a difference and to serve as a positive role model in an entertainment world that too often spews negativity.

Ledger recently told "The Billy Hallowell Podcast" that she's seen the positive power and sway that Christian music can have over the masses, recalling one story about a couple working in the pornography industry who saw their lives change dramatically as a result of Skillet's music.

"There was this couple that were pornography makers ... they basically sought out the band, sought out the lyrics," she said. "The woman gets completely born again. She gets out of the industry."

Then, her husband also accepted Jesus and the two started a foundation to help other people also escape pornography and come to faith. Appealing to stories like that, Ledger said she's hoping she can help change the culture.

"I look at just how many voices there are shaping our young people," she said, noting the impact of reality TV stars and even Disney stars gone bad. "These are the people that are the most influential ... these are the people that we pretend have 'made it' and 'this is the goal of life.'"

Ledger said she believes God has placed her in the entertainment industry to be a beacon — a positive example amid scores of well-known people who aren't following God's path.

"My whole life is because of Him," she said. "We need to be a light and when I look at the loudest voices, when I look at the people who are shaping our youth ... gladly I'll go in there."

Ledger also spoke about the importance of influencing even one person, encouraging people to remember the power of transforming individual lives. Her own story is evidence of how God can use a person to inspire and motivate others.

"I grew up in England and I grew up at a Church of England church," she said. "It was more like a club for our family. We went on Sundays, but there was no effect on our lives ... we weren't clear what the Gospel was."

Somewhere in the midst of going to church simply because Ledger and her family assumed it was the right thing to do, the performer found herself disenchanted. By age 13, she had come to assume that Christians were hypocrites, basing this assessment on youth leaders and others at the time who weren't living out the message that they were preaching.

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