Life.Church Has Grown to 30 Campuses and 85,000 Attendees

by Michael Gryboski |

(PHOTO: LIFE.CHURCH)Life.Church opens its 30th campus in Rogers, Arkansas, Sept. 9. 2018.

Life.Church, one of the fastest-growing churches in the country, opened its 30th campus in Rogers, Arkansas, on Sunday, and two more campuses are expected to open by the end of the year.

Bobby Gruenewald, innovation leader at Life.Church who founded the popular YouVersion App, noted that the latest campus was significant in that it showed their ministries spreading to new metropolitan areas, whereas "for several years, we've just been expanding inside of cities that we already had locations."

"That's a new area for us, a new city, metro area. And we've done a few new metro areas in the last few years," Gruenewald explained to CP.

Those cities include Overland Park and Wichita in Kansas as well as Omaha, Nebraska. Later this month, the multisite church will be opening its 31st campus in Springfield — Life.Church's first location in Missouri.

Originally launched in 1996 with a small number of people meeting at a rented dance studio, Life.Church — led by Pastor Craig Groeschel — has grown to average 85,000 weekly worshipers in several states.

Gruenewald talked with The Christian Post on Wednesday about the church's growth and his opinion on the best model for multisite ministries. He also addressed criticism. Here are excerpts from the interview:

CP: What's your opinion about the growth you've seen at the church?

Gruenewald: We've really started to see some significant growth in the last few years, adding several campuses and picking up the pace in terms of new locations that we're adding.

We're excited about it. The church is continuing to grow. Not just the number of campuses, but attendance, and just a lot of the key metrics that we're looking at. We see a lot of people coming to Christ through the ministry, which is a big emphasis for us, but it's an exciting time for sure.

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