Former Gays, Lesbians Blast Calif. for Regarding Them as 'Frauds' With Pending Therapy Ban

by Brandon Showalter , CP Reporter |

((SCREENGRAB: VIMEO))Ken Williams of Equipped to Love, speaks in Church United video against AB 2943 in California

Eight former gays and lesbians who are residents of California have released a video resisting pending state legislation banning therapy for individuals with unwanted same-sex attraction, arguing their state government considers them frauds.

The video, which was published Saturday by Church United on the video sharing site Vimeo, features eight men and women who once lived and identified as gay or lesbian, some of whom are now in heterosexual marriages and have children.

"I'm a fraud," the participants say in the video at the beginning.

That is how the state of California regards them with their proposed law, AB-2943, that would outlaw goods and services seeking to minister to anyone with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion, they go on to explain.

"I came out in my 20s as a lesbian. I fully embraced that identity," Elizabeth Woning says in the video. Woning ministers with Equipped to Love, a ministry based out of Bethel Church in Redding, California.

"I felt that I had been born that way. Really, it seemed to explain why I was the way I was."

Ken Williams, who is also a pastor with Equipped to Love, recounts that he once heard a family member express gratitude for AIDS because it was God's punishment for gay people.

"So you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that it's not going to be ok for you to say that you're having some unwanted same-sex attractions," he says.

Yet Woning says on one occasion, as a lesbian who fully embraced her homosexual identity and liberal, LBGT-affirming theology, a young man shared with her a prophetic word he felt the Lord had given him and it was a direct answer to something about which she had been praying. That event caused her to question whether or not she really knew God and she began more deliberately poring over the Scripture. Upon coming to an understanding of God's character, she became convinced she had to yield everything to Him, including her sexuality.

She explains that she did not pursue God in order to alter her sexuality but pursued Him for Him, and as she did, her conception of her identity began to change. She was shocked to discover herself developing affections for a man, the man who is now her husband of 13 years.

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