Alfie Evans and Britain's Post-Christian, Post-Human, Pagan Culture

by Dr. Richard Land |

(SCREENSHOT: 5 NEWS VIA ALFIES ARMY OFFICIAL FACEBOOK)UK baby Alfie Evans in an undated video with his parents coating his lips with chocolate.

Early Saturday morning, little Alfie Evans's ordeal ended. I believe with all my heart he is now in the arms of Jesus for eternity. Sadly, our ordeal to survive as a civilized, humane society continues.

Little Alfie survived for 5 days after his respirator was cut off.

Little Alfie, 23 months old, had a "degenerative neurological condition" that the British doctors failed to diagnose with any further precision. Indeed, after his life support was removed, the British medical personnel seemed shocked that little Alfie continued to attempt to successfully breathe, assisted periodically by his mother and father administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation when little Alfie's lips would start turning blue. Five days later Alfie finally died.

Like little British baby Charlie Gard last fall, Britain's National Health Service officials (NHS), the British courts, and then the European court, refused to allow Alfie's parents to remove little Alfie from the hospital.

Their stated goal was to not needlessly "prolong his suffering." So, instead, they administered "death therapy" by physically preventing Alfie's parents from taking him elsewhere for medical assistance.

This heartless and dangerously precedent-setting decision was upheld in the courts even though there were viable alternatives available that would not cost the NHS a farthing financially.

The Italian people granted little Alfie citizenship in their country and sent a specially equipped ambulance plane to stand-by, ready at a moment's notice to fly Alfie and his parents to Rome for free treatment in the Vatican's Bambino Gesu ("Baby Jesus") hospital.

The British authorities posted armed guards around the hospital to prevent anyone from removing Alfie from his medical prison, which his northeast England hospital had become, despite pleas from Pope Francis himself.

This is where abandoning the sanctity of every human life ethic leads — a post-Christian, post-human culture that becomes abjectly pagan.

Britain has become an ever more secular society with each passing decade. The Britain of C.S. Lewis is a fading memory.

Alfie Evans joins a large and growing caravan of patients who have become martyrs to the "quality of life" ethic that empowers government authorities to sever the sacred bonds between parents and their children and prevent parents from doing what they believe is best for their children.

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