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The award-winning Christian Examiner newspaper is published in five regional editions with four in Southern California and one covering the Twin Cities regional area in Minnesota. An archive of the newspaper PDFs is listed below.

Inland Empire, Mar/Apr 2014
Los Angeles, Mar/Apr 2014
Orange County, Mar/Feb 2014
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Click newspaper above to launch the full edition flipbook in a new window.
Click newspaper above to launch the full edition flipbook in a new window.
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Inland Empire, Mar/Apr 2014
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LA County, Mar/Apr 2014
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Orange County, Mar/Apr 2014
San Diego Refreshed, Mar. 2014
Minnesota, Mar. 2014
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San Diego County, Mar. 2014
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Minnesota, Mar. 2014
Archives Christian Examiner pdf downloads
For Minnesota pdf Archives from Jan. 2010-June 2011
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2013 Archives
January 2013
Jan. 2013—Inland Empire.pdf
Jan. 2013—Los Angeles county.pdf
Jan. 2013—Minnesota.pdf
Jan. 2013—Orange county.pdf
Jan. 2013—San Diego county.pdf
February 2013
Feb. 2013—Inland Empire.pdf
Feb. 2013—Los Angeles county.pdf
Feb. 2013—Minnesota.pdf
Feb. 2013—Orange county.pdf
Feb. 2013—San Diego county.pdf
March 2013
Mar. 2013—Inland Empire.pdf
Mar. 2013—Los Angeles county.pdf
Mar. 2013—Minnesota.pdf
Mar. 2013—Orange county.pdf
Mar. 2013—San Diego county.pdf
April 2013
Apr. 2013—Inland Empire.pdf
Apr. 2013—Los Angeles county.pdf
Apr. 2013—Minnesota.pdf
Apr. 2013—Orange county.pdf
Apr. 2013—San Diego county.pdf
May 2013
May 2013—Inland Empire.pdf
May 2013—Los Angeles county.pdf
May 2013—Minnesota.pdf
May 2013—Orange county.pdf
May 2013—San Diego county.pdf
June 2013
June 2013—Inland Empire.pdf
June 2013—Los Angeles county.pdf
June 2013—Minnesota.pdf
June 2013—Orange county.pdf
June 2013—San Diego county.pdf
July 2013
July 2013—Inland Empire.pdf
July 2013—Los Angeles county.pdf
July 2013—Minnesota.pdf
July 2013—Orange county.pdf
July 2013—San Diego county.pdf
August 2013
Aug. 2013—Inland Empire.pdf
Aug. 2013—Los Angeles county.pdf
Aug. 2013—Minnesota.pdf
Aug. 2013—Orange county.pdf
Aug. 2013—San Diego county.pdf
September 2013
Sept. 2013—Inland Empire.pdf
Sept. 2013—Los Angeles county.pdf
Sept. 2013—Minnesota.pdf
Sept. 2013—Orange county.pdf
Sept. 2013—San Diego county.pdf
October 2013
Oct. 2013—Inland Empire.pdf
Oct. 2013—Los Angeles county.pdf
Oct. 2013—Minnesota.pdf
Oct. 2013—Orange county.pdf
Oct. 2013—San Diego county.pdf
November 2013
Nov. 2013—Inland Empire.pdf
Nov. 2013—Los Angeles county.pdf
Nov. 2013—Minnesota.pdf
Nov. 2013—Orange county.pdf
Nov. 2013—San Diego county.pdf
December 2013
Dec. 2013—Inland Empire.pdf
Dec. 2013—Los Angeles county.pdf
Dec. 2013—Minnesota.pdf
Dec. 2013—Orange county.pdf
Dec. 2013—San Diego county.pdf
2012 Archives
January 2012
Jan. 2012—Inland Empire.pdf
Jan. 2012—Los Angeles county.pdf
Jan 2012—Minnesota.pdf
Jan. 2012—Orange county.pdf
Jan. 2012—San Diego county.pdf
Jan. 2012—Seattle/Tacoma.pdf
February 2012
Feb. 2012—Inland Empire.pdf
Feb. 2012—Los Angeles county.pdf
Feb 2012—Minnesota.pdf
Feb. 2012—Orange county.pdf
Feb. 2012—San Diego county.pdf
• Feb. 2012—Seattle/Tacoma.pdf
March 2012
Mar. 2012—Inland Empire.pdf
Mar. 2012—Los Angeles county.pdf
Mar 2012—Minnesota.pdf
Mar. 2012—Orange county.pdf
Mar. 2012—San Diego county.pdf
Mar. 2012—Seattle/Tacoma.pdf
April 2012
Apr. 2012—Inland Empire.pdf
Apr. 2012—Los Angeles county.pdf
Apr. 2012—Minnesota.pdf
Apr. 2012—Orange county.pdf
Apr. 2012—San Diego county.pdf
May 2012
May 2012—Inland Empire.pdf
May 2012—Los Angeles county.pdf
May 2012—Minnesota.pdf
May 2012—Orange county.pdf
May 2012—San Diego county.pdf
June 2012
June 2012—Inland Empire.pdf
June 2012—Los Angeles county.pdf
June 2012—Minnesota.pdf
June 2012—Orange county.pdf
June 2012—San Diego county.pdf
July 2012
July 2012—Inland Empire.pdf
July 2012—Los Angeles county.pdf
July 2012—Minnesota.pdf
July 2012—Orange county.pdf
July 2012—San Diego county.pdf
August 2012
August 2012—Inland Empire.pdf
August 2012—Los Angeles county.pdf
August 2012—Minnesota.pdf
August 2012—Orange county.pdf
August 2012—San Diego county.pdf
September 2012
Sept. 2012—Inland Empire.pdf
Sept. 2012—Los Angeles county.pdf
Sept. 2012—Minnesota.pdf
Sept. 2012—Orange county.pdf
Sept. 2012—San Diego county.pdf
October 2012
Oct. 2012—Inland Empire.pdf
Oct. 2012—Los Angeles county.pdf
Oct. 2012—Minnesota.pdf
Oct. 2012—Orange county.pdf
Oct. 2012—San Diego county.pdf
November 2012
Nov. 2012—Inland Empire.pdf
Nov. 2012—Los Angeles county.pdf
Nov. 2012—Minnesota.pdf
Nov. 2012—Orange county.pdf
Nov. 2012—San Diego county.pdf
December 2012
Dec. 2012—Inland Empire.pdf
Dec. 2012—Los Angeles county.pdf
Dec. 2012—Minnesota.pdf
Dec. 2012—Orange county.pdf
Dec. 2012—San Diego county.pdf

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