COMMENTARY: Christ crucified for the refugee

You can tell a Muslim refugee he's following a false religion, or you can preach Christ crucified for his sins. You won't get a chance to tell him the latter if you lead with the former, writes Dr. Gregory Tomlin.

Sometimes just prayer is enough when there is no medicine, nurse says

A missionary nurse in Kenya has been given honorary admittance into an international nursing society two decades after giving up a comfortable job in order to care for the medical needs of the region's desperately poor. Driven by her Christian commitment to care for those in need, Robinson has now opened up a 30-bed hospital, a nursing college, a girls' high school, an orphanage, mobile clinics a preschool and more.

Iraq remnant thanks God for 'new souls' despite ISIS persecution

In the Middle East where the threat of terror from Islamic radicals looms large in some regions where Christian believers have been persecuted and tortured for their beliefs – a resilient remnant is thanking God today for "new souls" being added to the church in numbers never before seen.

Twitter site for NFL players, coaches, families & cheerleaders grabs attention

Twitter is often viewed as an online gathering place for people to hide behind a computer screen while hurling insults at celebrities. One 27-year-old man is using it for quite different reasons. Daniel Park started running the @NFLPrayers Twitter account in February 2014, and for nearly two years he's been using it to pray for the health, safety and salvation of NFL players, coaches, staffs, front offices, families, and cheerleaders

Contest honors late NFL great Reggie White

"Sports Spectrum" magazine recently announced an essay contest honoring the late NFL Hall of Famer Reggie White and contestants are encouraged to share their favorite memories. His widow and children will judge the essays for inclusion in a book, "Letters to 92," and award prizes including Reggie's 1999 Mercedes-Benz CL600, a Super Bowl helmet signed by Reggie and Brett Favre, and a Super Bowl XXXI football and "Sports Illustrated" magazine, both signed by Reggie and Brett Favre.

How the NFL and Thanksgiving dinner got its start

As you sit down with your friends or family this Thanksgiving to enjoy a little feasting and football, you'll be taking part in a tradition that can be traced back 1934 — the first time a Thanksgiving game was broadcast on the radio.

Ruling Muslim council in Morocco renounces ISIS, terror

Morocco's ruling Muslim scholars renounce the Islamic State and claim coercion and violence against innocent civilians is forbidden in Islam. Morocco's Christians, however, must still worship in secret for fear of Muslim authorities.

VA Christmas tree ban causes Yuletide uprising

Folks around Salem, Virginia were ready to jingle the government's bells after they implemented a ban on Christmas trees and religious Christmas carols in the public spaces of the local VA hospital.

Oops! Iranian forces train to capture Al-Aqsa mosque, but ...

Iran's volunteer forces conduct a war game focused on recapturing the Al-Aqsa mosque, but someone goofed when they built its model. A photo of the event featured only a model of the Dome of the Rock. An Israeli paper called the error a "common mistake" of Iranian propaganda.