Alabama Megachurch Hopes to Provide for Local Low-Income Community With New $26M Complex

Faith Chapel Christian Center, an Alabama megachurch located near Birmingham, is showcasing a new $26 million multipurpose complex to the low-income community.

Photo: The Bridge is a multipurpose complex on the campus of Faith Chapel Christian Center in Wylam, Alabama. The facility includes a 12-lane bowling center, indoor playground, fitness center, basketball court, climbing wall, and more.

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Diagnosis life: Giving cancer patients hope

Katherine Hedlund and Robin Nichols have much in common. Each knows the agony of cancer, firsthand. Each turned to Jesus for help in the battle for their lives. Yet neither of them received any spiritual support at the medical facilities where they were treated.


A Deafening Silence as Iraqi Christians Vanish

At BreakPoint we don't take partisan stands. Issues concern us. Political parties don't. After all, political neutrality is in our DNA. Once he encountered Jesus, our founder and inspiration, Chuck Colson, gladly worked with people of good will from both sides of the aisle. Chuck knew that when it comes to pivotal moral and social issues such as prison reform or religious freedom, there are no red hearts or blue hearts.

Feelings, nothing more than feelings: Conflict and confusion over identity

Ask a group of people today—especially high school and college students—what makes them them, and you'll likely get as many responses as respondents. They may say, "I am what my genes make me," or maybe "I am what I experience," or "I am what I choose." And soon, you'll notice two distinct themes emerging. They're the answers our culture increasingly gives to the question of sexual identity—as if that's all there is to identity. And, ironically, they contradict each other.