Presbyterians support black reparations, free education, income guarantees

The PCUSA's Israel/Palestine Mission Network sees a connection between the Palestinians and blacks in America. Group endorses platform of The Movement for Black Lives, which includes abolition of the death penalty, prisons, bail and private schools, as well as a call to pay reparations to blacks for past abuses. It also calls for free education, income, and special rights for blacks who are transgender, gay or "queer."

REVIEW: Rachel Scott no modern-day saint in 'I'm Not Ashamed'

It would be easy to make Rachel Scott into a modern-day "evangelical saint" if filmmakers wanted to do so. Thankfully, though, the writers and director behind the new movie "I'm Not Ashamed" (PG-13) did not do that – and it is far more powerful and believable for it. The movie hits theaters this weekend.

Perry Noble on living a double life as an alcoholic

Three months after his firing from his job as senior pastor of the popular NewSpring Church in South Carolina, Perry Noble publicly revealed on Monday the details of his rocky marriage, drinking issues, and other aspects of the double life that led to his exit from the church he founded 16 years ago.

Egyptian archbishop to Christians: Prepare yourself for martyrdom

Anglican Archbishop Mouneer Anis warns that the church is soon to face threats from without and within. Those without, like terrorism and religiously-motivated violence, could lead to martyrdom. Those from within could lead to more disruption over the issue of homosexuality.

Gay man starts social media campaign over church dismissal for unrepentant homosexuality

Jason Thomas, who was removed from the membership of Watermark Community Church a year ago, posted the letter informing him of the elders' decision to remove him from the membership roll. Church claims it met with Thomas repeatedly but he rejected biblical counseling and said he believed Jesus approved of his same-sex relationship. He claims the church is tarnishing the name of God.

Are moms responsible for the way their daughters dress?

A Chicago-area author and blogger learned the power of social media this week when a five-year-old post about modesty and girls went viral, generating more than 1 million reads and sparking pushback against a column that would be considered tame in most conservative circles.



Dallas area pastor reiterates support for Trump

In a direct two-page letter posted to social media, Jack Graham, pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Metropolitan Dallas, said the "bright, bold Christian leaders who care deeply about the glory of God and our nation," have spoken "frankly and freely" to Trump and have posed questions to him relative to his character.