Peyton Manning's Super Bowl nod to Budweiser raises eyebrows

National Football League players are not allowed to officially endorse alcohol brands, but that did not stop Peyton Manning, in a post game interview just seconds after he led the Denver Broncos to a 24-10 Super Bowl 50 win over the Carolina Panthers, from paying homage to the "King of Beers." Did this open endorsement hurt Manning's Christian testimony and tarnish his "squeaky-clean image"?


Man pleads guilty in mosque shooting

A Connecticut man pleaded guilty on Thursday to a federal hate crime for shooting at a mosque next door to his home shortly after November's deadly attacks in Paris.

CONSERVATIVES: Forcing women into battle is 'cowardice' & exposes them to sexual assault

Requiring women to register for Selective Service and then forcing them into battle defies not only "God's design" for the sexes but also "common sense," a leading evangelical says. Meanwhile, an expert at Focus on the Family and the president of the Family Research Council also are speaking up as recent studies show women in the military continue to experience sexual assault and sexual harassment at alarming rates.

Rubio tells supporters, 'That will never happen again'

Businessman Donald Trump won New Hampshire for his first victory of the Republican presidential race Tuesday, carrying not only moderates but also conservative voters and even edging U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz among evangelicals, according to exit polls.






30 missions media professionals jobless as IMB closes Richmond office

As the news begin to spread late Wednesday night that the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention is eliminating its stateside office, Facebook pages of those affected – and those of their friends – lit up with indirect messages of encouragement and promises of prayer.