Boomers and Millennials at church: Who's in charge?

The new generational tug-o-war in the church goes beyond hymnbooks versus praise choruses, traditional versus contemporary worship or shirt-tails and jeans versus coats and ties -- but in the end, does it have to be an either or proposition?




Pediatricians: Pushing gender reassignment is 'child abuse'

Pediatricians' group, founded over drift of American Academy of Pediatrics toward LGBT and transgender acceptance, claims educators and legislators should oppose attempts to alter children's bodies surgically and chemically to address temporary psychological problems related to gender dysphoria.


Jordanian Christian: No problems until radical Islamists 'brainwashed young'

Dr. Nabeeh Abbassi grew up as a Christian minority in a military camp where his father was stationed in Zarqa, Jordan. In the 1960-70s "there were no issues at all," Abbassi, 51, said. It wasn't until radical Islamists through the Muslim Brotherhood began to "brainwash" the young people that culture and civilization began a backwards slide in the Middle East, he says.


SHOCKING: Only 11 percent of teens say viewing porn is bad

A generational divide exists between teens and adults on not only pornography usage but but also attitudes about it, and the church cannot afford to ignore the widening gap, says Barna Group editor-in-chief Roxanne Stone. Incredibly, a majority of teens and young adults consider "not recycling" more immoral than viewing porn.