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An Open Letter to Louis Farrakhan

Christian Examiner reporter, Gregory Tomlin, a writer and a seminary professor, pens an open letter to Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, following comments by Farrakhan that statements he made in previous months about killing people have been "misreported."

REVERSAL: Mormons will not leave Boy Scouts after all

After two months of discussions about forming a Mormon alternative to the Boy Scouts of America, the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints has issued a statement saying it will not leave the national scouting organization after all.

Shooter filmed execution of reporters, said 'Jehovah' told him to kill

The gunman who killed a reporter and cameraman from WDBJ TV in Roanoke, Va., yesterday during a live report claimed in a 23-page manifesto faxed to ABC News that he shot his former co-workers in retaliation for the shooting of black church members in Charleston, S.C., by a white man. He also claimed "Jehovah" – a Latinized version of the Hebrew name for God – told him to kill.

Trump to meet evangelicals, but can't – or won't – name a favorite Bible verse

Donald Trump will soon meet with evangelical leaders at an invitation-only event to listen to their vision for America and discuss the issues most important to them, the Wall Street Journal is reporting. Trump leads other candidates in the evangelical vote, polls show, but the lead persists in spite of his inability to articulate the principles of the Christian faith.

Atheists retaliate: Want 'no gods' monument on Arkansas capitol grounds

The day after the Arkansas Secretary of State's office notified a Hindu group it could not build a statue to their monkey god, Lord Hanamun, on the capitol grounds in Little Rock, the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) asked the state to allow it to construct a monument saying "there are no gods."

New video: StemExpress CEO wants 'another 50 livers a week'

In a grizzly new video from the Center for Medical Progress, the CEO of StemExpress – the company that buys fetal organs and body parts from Planned Parenthood – claims "another 50 livers a week" would keep her happy and her supply chain moving along.

10 years after Katrina: 'The storm changed my entire philosophy of ministry'

A minister who now serves as a leader in church planting in North Carolina talks about the impact of Hurricane Katrina on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the church where he pastored when the devastating storm hit 10 years ago. That morning, First Baptist Church in Gulfport, Mississippi, held an abbreviated worship service with 50 people as gusts reached up to 100 mph.

Target's decision for gender-neutral signage signals bigger issues to come, Christian experts say

When retail giant Target announced earlier this month that a portion of gender-based signage will be removed from specific areas in their stores, a firestorm of controversy swept over social media. While some applauded the move, citing progress and positive change, others voiced their anger and concern over the retailer's perceived attempt to remove all gender references, and some customers vowed to no longer shop at the big box chain. Christian Examiner talked with three experts who say there are bigger issues than toys to be concerned with.



Should Baptists embrace infant baptism?

Baptists typically do not conduct, or participate in, infant baptisms, and in a recent blog post written by Midwestern Seminary President Jason Allen, there are several reasons for it.