Heaven is for real
What will it be like?
If you knew for certain that you only had three days left to live on Earth, how would you spend your remaining time? Recently I posed this question to a group of high school seniors. Their answers included skydiving, traveling, surfing, and (of course) sex. I followed up with a simple question, “So you think there may be some pleasures and experiences in this life that if you don’t partake of them before you die, you may miss out in Heaven?” All but two of them said, “Yes.”
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Creative wave
Local artist makes a splash with seascapes, cartoons
Norm Daniels sticks out like a creative thumb when he plops down at San Diego beaches—an easel and canvas in one hand, paints and brushes in the other. He might as well be an alien in the land of surfboards, sandcastles and sea gulls.
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10 reasons to believe Christ rose from the dead
In a world filled with belief systems making religious claims, how can you know what to believe? How can you know who to follow? This article offers ten pieces of evidence and witness that verify that following Christ is reasonable. As this evidence is examined and tested—we find that it can also be trusted.
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The Passion of Hollywood
A decade after Gibson blockbuster faith-based films enjoy resurgence
A decade has passed since film critic Phil Boatwright joined millions of people in a deliberate and dark spiritual pilgrimage into theaters around the globe. The darkness spoke as much about the violent nature of the film they came to see as it did of the ambiance of the dimly lit viewing stations.
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