Tentmaking revival
Business owner starts Christian networking ministry
In the same spirit that the Apostle Paul used his tentmaking business as an outreach model in the New Testament, an Inland Empire businessman practiced the concept when he stopped by a small boutique store to see how the Christian shop owner was faring.
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‘Noah’ and the ‘Son of God’
By now I’m sure you’ve heard the uproar over the $125 million Paramount Studios production of “Noah.” The controversy appears to stem from one source, an organization known as Faith Driven Consumer, which raised concern about the film’s commercial viability if Christians don’t support it.
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Evil and suffering: The question that never goes away
What should Christians say about all the suffering in the world? Philip Yancey is one of those rare Christians writers who are not afraid to ask the hard questions and is never content with pat answers.
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Fostering love
From foster child to foster parent, a mom redeems her troubled past
Angela Posten was a minor behind bars, a foster teen who found herself in Juvenile Hall after beating up a classmate in retaliation for an earlier confrontation. While Posten admitted to authorities that she injured the girl with her fists, her victim did a little retaliation of her own, falsely accusing Posten of using a gun during the attack.
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