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The Christian Examiner Newspaper Group
The award-winning Christian Examiner newspaper is published in six regional editions with four in Southern California and one in the Twin Cities metro region of Minnesota. The combined monthly circulation of the six newspapers is nearly 160,000 copies, making it the largest Christian newspaper group in the United States.

The newspaper regions are:
• Los Angeles County
• Orange County
• Inland Empire County (Riverside & San Bernardino Counties)
• San Diego County

Twin Cities

• Multiple award-winner with the Evangelical Press Association, Fellowship of Christian Newspapers (FCN) and two-time Angel Award winner. Recognized as one of the best Christian newspapers nationwide.

• Member, Evangelical Press Association (EPA) and the Fellowship of Christian Newspapers (FCN).

General Information
The Christian Examiner (formerly the Christian Times) is a free monthly newspaper, established in 1983. Christian Examiner newpapers are a part of the Selah Media Group.

The purpose of the newspaper is to report newsworthy religious events and activities within the local Christian community, nationwide and around the world, to increase the awareness and activism of believers regarding the moral issues of today, to provide thought-provoking commentary, and to provide an effective advertising vehicle for Christian ministries and organizations, events, and businesses which want to reach the Christian marketplace.

Christian Examiner Yellow Pages
San Diego County's premier Christian Business & Ministry Guide

The Christian Examiner Yellow Pages is an annual yellow-page telephone directory that serves the Evangelical Christian community of San Diego County. Coupled with the Ministry White Pages, this directory is unlike any other, and more useful to the Christian community, with valuable information consolidated into one publication for convenient reference.
The Christian Examiner Yellow Pages is distributed free, mid-year, throughout San Diego County to hundreds of evangelical churches, Christian bookstores, many ministries and organizations, and scores of Christian-owned or operated businesses.

Twin Cities Christian Directory
The Twin Cities premier Christian Business & Ministry Guide

50,000 copies of the Twin Cities Christian Business Directory are printed annually. The directories are distributed in churches, Christian bookstores, Christian businesses, schools, ministries, and events — in more than 800 locations in the Twin Cities metro region and surrounding communities, which are part of the Minnesota Christian Chronicle newspaper distribution network.

The Twin Cities Christian Business Directory has built its reliable reputation in Minnesota through its commitment for being a cost-effective means of advertising to the Christian community.

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