Why Invest in Precious Metals?

by Orion Metal Exchange |


Precious metals can offset volatility in market conditions, global economic uncertainty and devaluation of government currencies. Many investors view precious metals as an insurance policy for their portfolios.  Others believe gold and silver investments align closely with American values.

"I want to just obey the Constitution," Ron Paul said in several interviews over the years.  "The Constitution says only gold and silver can be legal tender."

Investing in gold and silver is a recognized way to store value in times of crisis and to safeguard an investment portfolio in times of economic uncertainty, as precious metals tend to perform well during times of economic crisis.

Precious metals are not tied to any currency and are thus immune to international currency wars and currency manipulation.  Gold and other precious metals can be a powerful hedge against inflation or dollar weakening as these metals can retain and even increase value regardless of inflation.

Diversification is a common investment approach and these metals protect from a declining dollar and create a hedge against government overspending, thus many Americans add these metals into their investment portfolios to protect their overall investments, retain value, and better secure their financial future.

With more than 50 years experience Orion Metal Exchange helps investors protect their assets by balancing their portfolios with investments in gold and silver, assisting clients with direct cash purchases or by adding funds through their existing retirement accounts.

"I've never dealt with a nicer group of professional people as what I found at Orion Metals Exchange," said Richard, an OME client from Houston, Texas, recently.

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Orion Metal Exchange is also one of the fastest growing precious metals firms in the U.S.

"I recently opened up an account with OME and I made several purchases since I have been treated with the utmost of service and courtesy from the employees," Richard said.

Gold and silver investors believe the best market timing for investments in precious metals is right now.  Open an account today with Orion Metal Exchange.