'What is an evangelical?' study quotes


A selection of actual quotes from participants in the Ellison Research study, "America's Definition: What Is an Evangelical?," can be found in the full report. A small sample of these is below:

• "A believer in Jesus Christ that communicates their belief and faith in Jesus with others. They share the good news about Jesus with others who may not know or believe in Jesus."

• "A narrow-minded Bible-thumping simpleton."

• "Evangelical Christianity is what can be referred to as 'Showbiz Christianity.' It's all smoke and mirrors more focused on the collection plate than spirituality."

• "I haven't the foggiest idea."

• "People who use the Bible as either their sole source, or major source, of religious sand moral guidance."

• "Evangelicals are Protestants that have decided that nobody, anywhere, should be having any more fun than they are, and use literal interpretations of Scripture to support their position."

• Evangelicals feel that it is not possible for someone to gain admittance to heaven unless they believe exactly what they do."

• "One who believes that the Bible is the absolute word of God and who believes that 'salvation' is reserved only for those who accept Jesus as their personal savior."

• "A right-wing, conservative, non-Catholic with a political agenda and an intolerance of anyone/thing that disagrees, with a desire to impose their beliefs on every aspect of life and everyone's life too."

• "Very spiritual Christ-followers with a narrow view of religion and its relation to life; possibly including literal interpretations of the Bible. Very prone to proselytize their faith, but in a good way."

• "A charismatic Christian, not afraid to worship raising hands in the air and/or clapping to more upbeat worship music."

• "Fanatic, wants to impose religious law on others who do share those beliefs. Wants to forcibly convert non-believers and subject those who refuse to penalties."

To review the report, visit www.ellisonresearch.com/releases/20080903.htm.