Wading through deep waters


From the publishers…
Wading through deep waters

• From the publishers…
Wading through deep waters
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• Q & A regarding the change of name from 'Christian Times' to 'Christian Examiner'
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These past several years have definitely been a continuing transitional time for the Christian Times—a time that has definitely tested our faith and fortitude.

December 4, 2001, was one of the most difficult days of our lives for us. Less than 18 months after we had joined forces with the publicly-traded iExalt company, we anguished over being forced to lay off four of our six full-time employees. The prospects of having significant cash resources to expand into a national chain of Christian newspapers had faded with the sinking stock market. The excitement from the expansive growth of the previous year had turned into the stress of mounting debts.

But it is through difficult times such as this, God shows his faithfulness.

He showed his faithfulness to the staff who lost their jobs by providing for them in due time. He showed his faithfulness through the two remaining employees, Lori Arnold and our son-in-law David Gearing, who willingly shouldered multiple responsibilities and long hours to share the load. And he showed his faithfulness through our four children who said, "What can we do to help?"

We really became a family business during the next year. Karalee dropped out of college temporarily and, along with Tiffany, took over front desk responsibilities. Shawn also suspended college classes for a while and began working in sales. Not to be outdone by her older siblings, Brittany joined forces after school handling filing and various office jobs. Even Lori's mom volunteered to come in two days a month to handle the bulk mailing.

Over these past couple years, I have often referred to our operating status as "treading water." With the future of iExalt and the future of this newspaper quite uncertain, we did our best to continue undeterred in our publishing responsibilities. But we definitely felt the strain and emotional turmoil brought on by exploring many options and by deciphering and negotiating contracts.

Revenues have been down during this entire time, perhaps as much a consequence of our divided attention as of the depressed economy, but we have hung in there, being sustained by our faith in God.

Now that we have been able to close that chapter and rehire our sales manager Scott Coyle, who was laid off on that "Black Tuesday," we are optimistic about being able to focus much more on what we love to do—publish a Christian newspaper.

In many ways we regret that the price of getting the company back was having to give up the Christian Times name, but we have not given up our resolve and our commitment. We will rebuild upon our new name, Christian Examiner, as we seek to glorify God through what he has called us to do.

Lamar & Theresa Keener

Published, November 2003